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Thomas Blocher
Business Manager – Reaction Technology
Mr. Thomas Blocher has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University in the US and has been successfully bringing process solutions to chemical companies large and small in many segments of the chemical process industries worldwide for over 27 years.
Serving clients while working at leading process equipment suppliers earlier in his career, he is now Business Manager of Reaction Technology at Buss ChemTech AG, a Switzerland-based supplier of gas-liquid reaction, fluorine chemistry and anode paste production technology employed in hundreds of plants worldwide. BCT’s reaction chemistry technologies are employed in a broad cross-section of the chemical process industries, including the production of oleochemical derivatives including non-ionic surfactants, amines for a wide variety of applications and fatty acid chlorides among others. Based on its technology, Buss ChemTech can also provide complete stick-built or modular plants.
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