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The 12th ICIS World Olefins Conference took place on 8 March at The Westin Valencia in Spain. Co-located with the EPL, the event attracted 120+ delegates to the region for key networking opportunities and essential business insight. If this event is of interest to you, please do register your interest for the 2018 event today.



Conference Day 1: Wednesday 8 March

Registration and refreshments
Welcome and chair’s opening remarks
David Hughes, Senior Vice President , INTERNATIONAL eCHEM
Understanding the global context of Olefin production: Assessing regional competitiveness and opportunities
  • Exploring the macro economic trends driving olefin production changes
  • Examining where new investment is coming from: Emerging pipelines and regional projects
  • How should Europe respond to increased supply overseas? Ensuring agility, enhancing cracker flexibility and preparing for further plant integration
  • Where will the markets for Olefins be in the next 5 years?
Adnan Merhaba, Principal, Energy & Utilities Practice, ARTHUR D. LITTLE
Optimising feedstock selection: A global overview
  • Naphtha v ethane cracking: Examining what US’s oversupply of ethane means for Europe and Naphtha plants? Should Europe look to change to ethane?
  • Forecasting feedstock supply: Which countries will be coming out on top and how will feedstock changes affect the market place?
Richard Roudeix, Senior Vice President, Olefins & Polyolefins Europe, LYONDELLBASELL
Examining how US exports impact on olefins landscape and the domestic market
  • Gauging developments in the cracker plants: Identifying the status of new plants, PDH plans and the landscape for the next 12 month
  • Analysing US Olefin economics: How does the development of a long market compete with European olefins
  • Understanding downstream demand for US supply
  • Forecasting the resulting displacement of global olefin trade flows: Assessing how ethylene will be shifted and tapped out of the US 
Aline Ingram, Senior Consultant, Energy and Chemicals Advisory, Nexant
Morning refreshments
Iranian olefins market: Projections for the industry and impact on supply and demand globally
  • Understanding the challenges and opportunities presented by the new players in the olefins market
  • Assessing the competition: How quickly can Iran build capacity and export?
  • Opportunities for international stakeholders: Who are the partners that Iranian companies are looking to work with?
  • Evaluating the impact of a further potential increase of ethylene supply on the European market
Naeimeh Bahri Laleh, Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering, Iran Petrochemical and Polymer Institute
Is Asia on its way to self-sufficiency?
  • Exploring the Asian olefin market landscape, supply and demand: Who are the new key players? Where are the investments and where is the growth?
  • Appraising how China’s reduced olefin demand impacts the global olefin and petrochemical industry
  • Examining China’s exotic projects: What is the outlook for these plants in the rising crude environment?
Rizal Repin, Head of Olefins Asia, Integra
Networking lunch
PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing the potential impact of BREXIT on the European Petrochemicals industry
  • How will BREXIT impact the petrochemical industry?
  • What is the likelihood of a barrier to trading that will disadvantage the UK?
  • How will BREXIT affect freedom of movement and business?
  • What might the impact be on regulations and standards both importing and exporting outside of the UK?
Adnan Merhaba, Principal, Energy & Utilities Practice, ARTHUR D. LITTLE
Stephen Bowers, Global Projects - Advanced Intermediates & Performance Intermediates, EVONIK INDUSTRIES
Aline Ingram, Senior Consultant, Energy and Chemicals Advisory, Nexant
Understanding changes to the propylene market: Assessing profit viability, capacity and demand
  • Forecasting planned capacity for propylene globally over the next 2 years
  • Analysing global propylene demand mid to long term and how demand is changing in Asia
  • Appraising how potential increases in ethane cracking affect propylene production
  • Assessing the global outlook for propylene derivatives for Europe and rest of the world
Kees Aartsen, BU Director Olefins Europe, SABIC Europe
Afternoon refreshments
Butadiene: An overview of supply and cracker operations
  • Production outlook scenarios for light olefins and butadiene over the next two years
  • Driving global growth: Determining where to expect demand
  • Understanding the market dynamics of butadiene end use: Where is butadiene moving and who is currently investing in production?
  • Determining the value of C4 products needed to ensure naphtha cracking remains competitive
Stefano Soccol, Vice President, Business Unit Intermediates, VERSALIS
Examining ethylene markets: A global outlook for polyethylene and other major derivatives
  • Ethylene investments and global production outlook
  • Analysing demand growth projections and the impact on cracker capacity investment
  • Assessing the global outlook for polyethylene and other major ethylene derivatives
  • The outlook for ethylene and derivatives trade into Europe
Fabrizio Galiè, Senior Consultant, ICIS CONSULTING
Outlining how the shipping and trading industry is changing in response to the shift in global trade dynamics
  • Assessing the import/export flows of the most significant geographic regions
  • Examining fleet growth: Current and anticipated vessels to be delivered through 2018
  • Forecasting changes to freight rates
  • Outlook for new terminals being built to cater to the projections for overcapacity in the industry
Bernard Bekaert, Chairman and CEO, C4U TRADE
Chair's closing remarks
End of conference
The conference gave interesting background information to evaluate the current and future market situation
MWV Germany
Great conference! No excess boring presentations. Only the most 
Useful to update olefins knowledge and meet new people
Helm AG

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