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Join us at the 21st World Chlor-alkali Conference 
Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the leading chlor-alkali event once more. Taking place in June, this event is the perfect opportunity for you to meet, discuss and look towards the future of the market alongside industry leaders. 
The 21st World Chlor-alkali conference will provide you with the vital knowledge you need to ensure that you stay at the forefront of the industry, with industry expert discussions and ample networking opportunities provided, make sure you attend to make sure you are part of the conversations pushing the market forward. 
Agenda and speaker-line up to be announced soon.

Conference Day 1: Thursday 15 June

Registration and refreshments
Welcome and chair’s opening remarks
Challenges to Chlor-alkali from Rising Energy Costs and Volatile Economic Performance
  • ECU returns improve in the USA, but how robust is the trend?
  • Europe struggles to maintain profitability as caustic exporters target the Mediterranean
  • Can China break away from give-away chlorine?
Charles Fryer, Chairman, TECNON ORBICHEM
The chlor-alkali industry and the global economic landscape
  • Global economic trends
  • Looking at shifts in the global economy and the effects it is having regionally
  • Has investment increased, decreased or remain the same and what is causing these changes?
  • What are the predictions for next few years? 
Crude oil prices and the effect on the chlor-alkali market?
  • Looking at the drivers behind crude oil pricing
  • The impact of crude-oil prices in markets where energy prices are linked to oil – how can production be maintained?
  • Is the market outlook positive?
Morning refreshments and networking break
Global insight into the chlor-alkali industry in 2017 from a producer’s perspective
  • Have there been any significant changes over the past 12 months?
  • What is going to drive capital expansions?
  • Supply and demand trends and what this indicates about the state of the overall chlor-alkali market
  • Major developments in the global chlor-alkali market that should be highlighted 
Consolidation and the effect on the chlor-alkali market. Is the market becoming smaller?
  • In 2017 China and USA are leading the way in consolidation but what does this indicate about the state of the global chlor-alkali market?
  • How is competition being maintained within a shrinking market?
  • Analysing the advantages and disadvantages of a more consolidated market
Chinese market: Chlor-alkali structure and development prospects
  • Is this Chinese market still the dominating the Asian chlor-alkali industry?
  • Following on from a difficult year economically for China, is the market looking up?
  • The impact of the Chinese market on the rest of the Asian chlor-alkali industry?
  • What will the next 5 years look like in the Chinese market?  
Networking lunch
The role of the Alumina industry and its effect on the chlor-alkali industry
  • Alumina market - global forecast 
  • China and the role in the alumina market: Is China driving the demand for caustic soda liquid for the alumina industry? Is this expected to continue? 
  • Product outlook on caustic soda for the next 5 years – which market will drive the demand?
North America: Where does the future of the chlor-alkali industry lie?
  • What is the outlook on energy and regulatory environment?
  • What is North America's role in the global chor-alkali industry that is undergoing major changes?
  • What does the future hold for North America's chlor-alkali?  
Senior representative, OLIN CORPORATION
Afternoon networking break
PANEL: Asian chlor-alkali industry- Moving away from China
  • With growth being seen in Japan and South Korea – what role with these be playing in the future of the Asian market?
  • Chlor-alkali growth in South East Asia – what are the expected outcomes over the next 5 years?
Rajesh Shethia, Managing Director, HIRANYAVARNA CHEMICALS & ALKALIS
Chair’s closing remarks
End of day one

Conference Day 2: Friday 16 June

Registration and refreshments
Chair’s reconvening remarks and start of Day Two
Mercury cell closures and the expected effect on the European market
  • As Europe moves closer to the imposed deadline - what can be expected to happen before the end of the year?
  • Is moving away from mercury cell as straight forward as it appears?
  • What will the expected closures mean for worldwide supply and demand balance?  
  • Has this shift led to major procedural/technological developments and if so what are these?
Pulp and paper industry: Is it one of the key drivers for the chlor-alkali industry?
  • Overview of global market trends
  • Reviewing the pulp and paper demand outlook for chlor-chemicals over the next two years 
  • How much is the pulp and paper industry driving the demand for caustic soda?  And is a leading driver for this demand 
Morning refreshments and networking break
PVC production: How is this influencing chlor-alkali production?
  • China-shift from net exporting to net importing
  • Is the outlook on the PVC market as optimistic as it has been in the past?
  • Is the vinyl market driving the demand for chlorine and is this expected to continue?
Patrick Han, Markets Reporter , ICIS
Chlor-alkali industry and its role in driving the demand for salt
  • Global overview into the salt industry
  • Looking at the demand for salt - what role does the chlor-alkali industry play in driving this need?
  • Are we seeing a greater growth for salt in specific regions such the Asia Pacific or is demand widespread? 
  • Does the salt industry see the demand from the chlor-alklai industry for salt maintaining its current level for the next 5 years?
A producer’s perspective: How is the chlor- alkali industry reducing its environmental footprint?
  • What is the influence of environmental restrictions and regulations on the overall chlor-alkali industry?
  • Is this varying on region or is it becoming more global?
  • Are environmental concerns becoming more of a priority for companies and if so what sort of changes is the industry seeing?
Chair’s closing remarks followed by networking lunch
End of Conference

The World Chlor-alkali conference agenda annually features a speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world. The 2017 speaker line-up will be published soon.

2016 Speakers included:


Very well organised conference, pleasant environment with good speakers.

Senior Manager , Salt Partners
 Outstanding Event.
Managing Director , K+S Kali GmbH
 Good Knowledge, Great Networking.

Director, Hiranyanvarnaam
Interesting, informative, the standard was high. 
Senior Manager, IDC

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