20th World Chlor-alkali Conference
Adapting to the pressures for change in the chlor-alkali industry
16 - 17 June 2016
Millennium Hilton Bangkok, Thailand
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Welcome to The 20th World Chlor-alkali Conference

The chlor-alkali industry has experienced a great deal of rationalisation over the past twelve months, including Olin’s acquisition of Dow’s chlor-alkali assets and the formation of INOVYN, a merger between INEOS and Solvay. 
As well as the challenges caused by low-cost crude oil, the industry also faces the threat of overcapacity with Iran’s return to the global markets as trade sanctions are lifted. 
Along with this, experiencing the slowest economic growth in over 25 years with further expectations for GDP contraction in 2016, China’s slowdown will have grave implications for the global chlor-alkali industry.

The 20th World Chlor-Alkali Conference will shed light on the latest industry developments and provide you with vital market information to prepare your business for the challenges and opportunities ahead.
Secure your place at the longest running and most highly regarded industry meeting to: 

Benefit from key industry insights into the combination of Olin and Dow Chlorine Products / Blue Cube as the world's  largest producer and seller of chlor-alkali products  

Hear a plethora of industry experts providing their view on the impact of a low-cost crude oil scenario on the chlor-alkali value chain during an interactive panel discussion 

Understand the impact the lifting of sanctions in Iran will have on the global chlor-alkali market dynamics  

Learn about the potential business opportunities in the Indian PVC market

Get vital market information to help prepare your business for the challenges that China’s economic slowdown will have on the chlor-alkali industry

And much more!





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