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Markets in Transition: Drivers for base oil change


The 20th anniversary conference was a highlight of the industry calendar in 2016. Can ICIS repeat this benchmark? Absolutely! The 2016 conference attracted 600 attendees representing 354 companies from 51 countries
What makes The ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference so unique?
  • The highest number of attendees in the industry
  • The best global networking and market intelligence available
  • Debate and discussion of the important issues affecting the future direction of the industry in Europe, and globally
  • High-level speakers providing privileged insights into global trends
  • Representation from the entire value chain, from oil producers and marketers to OEMs, including all major suppliers to the industry
  • The now-established three-day format, offering you even more networking opportunities with the industry's movers and shakers
Download the Post Event Report or watch a short video to see what the conference had on offer.

The speaker program will be looking at "Markets in Transition: Drivers for base oil change".

Conference Day 1: Thursday 16 February

Welcome from ICIS
Opening remarks from the Chair
BREXIT - implications for industry and trade
  • Update on ‘Brexit means Brexit’
  • UK is the second biggest economy in the EU
  • What will Brexit mean for global and European trade?
  • The likely impact on end-user markets for lubricants, and hence base oils
Crude oil trends and impact on base oils
  • Does crude oil price volatility mean a ‘New Normal’ for base oil refiners?
  • How does it impact CAPEX and decisions on new projects?
  • Sustainability implications – do low oil prices undermine the development of alternative and renewable technologies?
  • An update on naphthenic crudes
Valentina Serra-Holm, Marketing Director, NYNAS AB
Refreshment break
Structural changes within the base oil industry
  • Will we see consolidation, acquisition and structural change?
  • What are the opportunities for companies with a long term view?
  • What is the view from Private Equity?
  • Successes and failures of base oil JVs
Ian Moncrieff, Vice President Energy, KLINE GROUP
The role of Group II in Europe
  • Market background from a major producer
    Factors leading to investment in Group II in Europe
    An update on the new European project
    Will market transition mean increased demand?
XB Cox, Senior Advisor - Basestocks & Specialties , EXXONMOBIL BASESTOCKS
An overview of global supply and demand
  • Balances by region and group
  • Long term prospects for Group I, II and III
  • Impact on global trade flows
  • Where will the new Middle East production find a home?
Stephen Ames, Managing Director, SBA CONSULTING LLC
The changing base oil landscape and impact on heavy products
  • With the market in transition, what is the outlook for Group I, bright stock, waxes and specialties?
  • Some markets are having to look to new molecules for the first time
  • What are the alternatives?
  • Will heavy markets move to lighter products in time?
Developments in Marine lubricants
  • ‘Slow steaming’ and technical developments mean a change in marine lubricants
  • Impact on lubricant formulations and base oils
  • Does the marine sector ‘buck the trend’ towards lower viscosity?
  • Changes in market structure
Stefan Claussen, Technical Director, LUKOIL MARINE LUBRICANTS
Iran – a future major player?
  • The current situation with commercial and financial sanctions
  • Iran as an exporter of base oil to other markets
  • Opportunities in Iran as they upgrade their capabilities

Conference Day 2: Friday 17 February

Welcome from ICIS
Opening remarks from the Chair
Group III in Heavy Duty Engine Oil
  • FA-4 specifications will be revolutionary for fuel economy in commercial vehicles
  • Fuel savings in trucks will have huge implications for basestock useage
  • Do thinner oils adversely affect engine longevity?
An OEM perspective
  • New ACEA 2016 sequences and impact on OEM specifications
  • Innovative hardware changes for OEMs to meet emissions and Fuel Economy targets
  • The role of the lubricant in achieving CO2 targets
  • Have low oil prices impacted OEM plans for fuel economy?
Industry consensus on engine testing
  • An update on progress and consensus in the industry
  • Is there a better way to create the next generation of industry requirements?
Long term trends in vehicle development
  • Hybrids, electric cars and other new emerging technologies
  • There is electrification across all vehicle types
  • Meaning a long term decline rate in traditional oils
  • Impact on lubricants and base oils
The global medicinal white oil market in today’s landscape
  • Discussion of the two main trends in the global medicinal white oil market:  
  • Further transition from API Gp I towards Gp II and Gp III based medicinal white oils.
  • Continuous push from regulators to cleaner/more pure medicinal white oils for different applications.
Dierk Sothmann, Global Process Oil Business Development & Technology Manager, SHELL LUBRICANTS
Long term prospects for re-refiners
  • Will European government mandates increase demand?
  • Will it become a more prominent consumer choice?
  • What are the regulatory aspects?
Close of conference
This year the 21st ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference will offer 2 seminars on key global markets. We are currently working on the programs as soon as they are ready we will share it.

In the meantime, if you would like to see what we covered last year please click on the button below. 


The ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference agenda annually features a cutting edge speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world. The 2017 speaker line-up includes:

An eye opening experience, which was well coordinated from arrival to last session
One of the most useful for Base Oils – assiduous networking.
Leader Base Oil Business Unit, BAPCO
THE event in the global lubricants and base oil industry.
Vice President Sustainability & Global Competitive Intelligence, Fuchs Petrolub
Excellent attendance and presentations.
Regional Director Licensing and Sales EMEA, Chevron Lummus Global

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