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Mr. Dalla Giovanna is currently working for establishing an alliance of Companies led by EGEO OIL with the aim of developing and operating Re-refining technologies all over the World. He is also Honorary President of the European Association of Lubricants Producers (UEIL) and he has been President of GEIR the European Group of Lubricant Re-refiners belonging to UEIL.

He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Energetic specialization.

He started his career as Project Manager of Stilmas Spa an engineering and construction company producing pharmaceutical distillation plants and reverse osmosis plants.

In 1991 he entered into the Oil business as Project Manager of Viscolube, where he developed the re-refining technology and led the realisation of the process engineering and construction for the units installed in Italy, Poland, Indonesia, Spain, Pakistan, Venezuela and U.S.A. cooperating with the French Institute of Petroleum Axens.

He has been a Member of the Board of Directors and responsible for many years also for the Operation and Production of the re-refining plant located near Milan, and he covered also the role of Technical Director and Business Development.



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