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Ahmed Alkhunaini
Department Manager, Base Oil and Finished Lubricant Department

Ahmed joined Saudi Aramco in 1989 during which he assumed several roles including the General Supervisor of Computer Application & Systems Technology.

In 2005 he moved to the marketing arm of Saudi Aramco and in 2006 he joined Chevron Oil Company in California with the Market Intelligence & Strategic Studies Department. He was then appointed as Senior Marketing Manager at Saudi Petroleum International in New York, managing the sales and marketing activities of Saudi Aramco’s crude oil in North America.

In 2010 Ahmed returned to Saudi Arabia and headed North American Marketing, as well as the crude oil Sales & Marketing Department, prior to heading the Juaymah Crude Oil Terminal operations, in charge of handling 60% of Saudi Aramco’s crude oil exports. In 2012 he was appointed as the Representative Director of Aramco Asia Japan, leading it to consolidate Aramco’s presence in Japan and increasing the company’s profile.

Ahmed was appointed as the head of Base Oil and Finished Lubes in Saudi Aramco in 2016. He is a board member in Show Shell Sekiyu K.K. Oil Company and Saudi Aramco Base Oil Company – Luberef. 

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