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Steve Swedberg
Independent Consultant

Steve Swedberg earned his Bachelor of Chemistry degree from San Diego State University.  He later pursued graduate studies in Business Administration at California State University at Fullerton.  He also has had special training in field technical services, total quality management, and statistical analysis.

 Steve’s 50+ year career included extensive work in the marketing of additives and finished oil products, as well as quality administration and logistics.  He also provided marketing technical service to both the oil and oil additive markets as well as research and development of lubricants including greases.  He has been employed by major industry leaders including ARCO Chemical, UNOCAL, Pennzoil Products, Ethyl Petroleum Additives (now Afton Chemical), and Chevron Oronite Additives. 

Steve is a member of ACS (50 years), SAE (40 years), and ASTM.  As a member of SAE, Steve chaired Technical Committee 1 on engine lubricants and was involved with many decisions reached by the oil and additives industry.  Presently, he is a lubricants consultant and technical writer for Lubes'N’Greases, recognized as a leading oil industry trade magazine.  Steve lives in Anthem, Arizona and can be reached at

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