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Geeta Agashe
Geeta Agashe & Associates, LLC

Geeta S. Agashe (President of Geeta Agashe & Associates, LLC), is a globally renowned and recognized expert in the entire finished lubricants value chain including lubricant basestocks (paraffinic, naphthenic, aromatic, Gas-To-Liquid, bio, as well as synthetic), lubricant and fuel additives, finished lubricants (automotive and industrial), waxes (both petroleum and synthetic incl. Gas-To-Liquid), process oils and other specialties. She is considered an expert in fast developing as well as mature lubricants markets.

Prior to starting her own consulting firm in 2015, Geeta spent 19+ years at Kline & Company, Inc. based out of their headquarters in NJ, USA, ultimately heading its Global Energy Practice. During her tenure at Kline, she headed both the Multi-Client Division, where she introduced many global titles, and also headed the Management Consulting Division, where she conducted management consulting assignments for the leading companies in this space.

She has also worked at KPMG in their Management Consulting Division, PTC International in their Gasoline Division, and Bharat Petroleum in their Lubricants Marketing Division.

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