The 21st ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Seminars The 21st ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Seminars

Seminars - 15 February 2017

This year the 21st ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference will offer 2 seminars on key global markets.

Morning Session: The Iranian Base Oils & Lubricants Seminar

Afternoon Session: Central, Eastern European, Russian and CIS markets

Morning Session: The Iranian Base Oils & Lubricants Seminar

08:00   Registration & Refreshments

09:00   Welcome and Chair's opening remarks

Geeta Agashe, President, GEETA AGASHE & ASSOCIATES, LLC

09:10   Economic outlook: Iran re-entering the base oils market and petrochemical market in a VUCA environment

  • Reviewing the economic outlook and investment climate for Iran
  • Iran’s base oils supply and petrochemical profile
  • Major trade flows and current projects
  • Export target markets and potential scenarios

​Fadhil Muhamad, Head of Middle East Markets, ICIS

Jasmine Khoo, Senior Editor, ICIS

09:50   Iran's base oils production landscape: present and future perspectives

  • Key market players, production trends and quality
  • Assessing the future of Group II and III as demand is growing for the high quality lubricants
  • Upgrading production facilities in Iran: current projects and investment opportunities


10:30   Doing business in Iran

  • The current situation with commercial and financial sanctions
  • Opportunities for international companies in Iran and key trade sectors
  • Navigating sanctions and explanation of key “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” elements
  • Practical challenges for doing business in Iran after sanctions relief


11:10   Morning refreshments

11:30   Finished lubricants outlook and shift in demand

  • An overview of the Iranian finished lubricants market
  • Drivers and requirements for lubricants' quality improvement
  • Lubricants distribution channels
  • Future shifts in the demand for finished lubricants and business opportunities for international companies
  • Current market needs and challenges

​Majid Safdari, CEO, VISTA ENERGIE

12:10 Base oils and lubricants trading with Iran: Real-life logistics and banking challenges

  • Regional distribution channels and supply chain
  • Overview of Iranians oil exporting ports, tanker fleet and incoming investments
  • Shipping peculiarities and challenges in Iran


12:50   Chair's closing remarks and end of seminar


Afternoon Session: Central, Eastern European, Russian and CIS markets

13:00   Registration & Refreshments

14:00   Welcome & opening remarks from Chair

Thomas NorrbySenior Technical Advisor Lubricants, NYNAS AB

14:10   Overview of trends and drivers in Eastern European markets

  • Their place in the European and global landscape
  • Impact of crude oil challenges
  • Future trends and market development

Apu Gosalia, Vice President, Sustainability and Global Competitive Intelligence, FUCHS PETROLUB SE

14:40   Base oils and lubricants in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Rumania

  • Economic indicators and impact of moving from a socialist to market economy
  • The complex lubricants markets in these counrtries
  • Base oil production and supply/demand balances

Szabolcs Vida, Managing Director, MOL-LUM Kft. 

15:10   Panel discussion and questions

15:30   Refreshment Break

15:50   What is the outlook for Russia?

  • How Russia is facing current challenges
  • Russia continues to be an important source of supply
  • Main market players and sources of production
  • Supply/demand balances
  • Outlook for the near-mid-term, and thoughts on long-term prospects

Sharbel Luzuriaga, Project Lead, Custom Research, KLINE & CO

16:20   Spotlight on CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries: Belarus, Turkmenistan,   Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine - and Russia.

  • Illuminating the lesser known markets
  • Market make-up and demographics
  • Export/import data and trade flows

Denis Varaksin, Director, Base Oil and Slack Waxes, DYM RESOURCES

16:50   Panel discussion and questions

17:10   Review and close seminar

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