The 16th World Aromatics & Derivatives Conference :: Conference Agenda The 16th World Aromatics & Derivatives Conference :: Conference Agenda

Day 1 - Wednesday 8 November 2017


Registration and refreshments


Opening remarks from the Chair


Macro-economic and political factors: Are we moving away from a global market? Challenges for the chemicals sector

  • The Trump effect and the move towards protectionism
  • Brexit and the implications for the aromatics market in Europe
  • Volatility in oil markets and geopolitical implications
Paul Hodges, Chairman, INTERNATIONAL eCHEM

Pushing for a more sustainable market – Is it as simple as it appears?

  • Analysing the true impact of creating a more sustainable product
  • Environmental factors and the need to innovate – how much of a role is this playing in the industry?
  • Update on changes to REACH and the effects on the European aromatics market
  • Health and safety concerns and how the aromatics industry is changing to meet these
Eric Bischof, VP Corporate Sustainability, COVESTRO

Morning refreshments and networking


How is innovation driving aromatic demand and supply patterns

Ronald Doesburg, General Manager Base Chemicals , SHELL

How are downstream expectations influencing aromatic derivatives demand?

  • The shift from a supply driven market to a demand driven one
  • What are the market expectations? – are these realistic?
  • How much are end-users influencing the aromatics market and are we expecting a shift in perspective to influence the supply and demand of the future?
Rhian O’Connor , Senior Analyst, Consulting and Analytics, ICIS

Lunch and networking


India and China – The markets of the future?

  • Growing investment in China – is the country risking oversupplying the market?
  • Effects of the Chinese and Indian market on the global market
  • Indian benzene and styrene capacity – is India the next dominant global market?

Growing investment in aromatics – What does this indicate about the state of the market?

  • As multinationals appear to be investing further upstream – what does this trend indicate about the state of the market?
  • Are we risking overbuilding situation?
  • Is this a trend we are expecting to continue- when will enough be enough?
Rob Peacock, Consultant, ICIS

Afternoon refreshments and networking


Looking at the ongoing challenges in the Polyester - PX value chain

  • Regional differences and the effect on the global market?
  • Are we risking oversupply?
  • Polyester demand on aromatics outlook
  • Growth in polyester market – what industries will be driving this forward?
Xuesong Peng, Senior Consultant, Nexant

Benzene to Styrene value chain – Can the current optimism be maintained?

  • 2016 saw record levels for the benzene market – is the future as positive?
  • Styrene plant sustainability – expected closures and the consequences on the European market
  • Fluctuating crude oil prices and the effects on the availability of benzene
  • Environmental challenges and regulations facing future supply
Pieter Platteeuw, Global Business Director Aromatics, DOW EUROPE

Closing remarks from Chair and end of day 1

Day 2 - Thursday 9 November 2017


Registration and refreshments


Opening remarks from the Chair


What's next in Styrenics?

Klaus Ries, Vice President Global Business Management Styrenic Foams, BASF

Logistical challenges in storing and transporting aromatics

  • How are companies mitigating the risk factor?
  • Infrastructure requirements – who is responsible for ensuring they are up to standard
  • Legislative challenges when moving across borders and regions
Erik Nijhuis, Sales Manager , VOPAK CHEMICALS LOGISTICS

Morning refreshments and networking


The role of toluene in the global aromatics market

  • Update on the current toluene market
  • Ensuring supply in the market
  • The use of toluene in fuel – Are we looking at a potential area of growth?

Aromatics and the automobile industry – Looking at the potential growth opportunities

  • The role of aromatics in the automobile industry
  • Insight into current and future demand
  • Consumption of aromatics in the automobile industry

Chair’s closing remarks followed by lunch and networking


Close of conference

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