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Latest industry insight and analysis of extreme market volatility: Planning for the future

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The 5th ICIS US Butadiene & Derivatives conference is the most important date in the industry’s diary.

  • How can the market be managed to reduce exposure to risk and volatility?
  • How are Crude C4 market dynamics evolving and what effect does that have on US BD?
  • With growing numbers of MTO plants coming on-stream in China, what will be the impact on C4 and BD?

Get answers to these questions and many more at this essential industry forum. Take the opportunity to meet with existing clients and connect with new contacts as the industry comes together to understand the changing market and how it is influencing supply and demand throughout the region.

New for 2017

  • Forward looking case study of innovation in the small scale production of On Purpose, natural gas-based Butadiene and its potential to balance fluctuations in the market
  • Insightful presentation on market management and how to reduce your exposure to risk and volatility

PLUS! Your essential updates on supply and demand across the value chain, throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

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'Latest industry insight and analysis of extreme market volatility: Planning for the future'

Conference Day 1: Wednesday 6 December

Registration, refreshments and networking
Welcome from ICIS and Chair’s opening remarks
Robert Sawchuk, Business Director, BASF Corporation
A political and economic outlook for 2018 and beyond
  • Examining the impact of the first year of a new administration on the chemicals industry
  • A presentation of the US economic outlook, the US auto industry and oil prices
  • Looking beyond the US to assess the influence of global politics on the domestic market: from Brexit to Putin
Chris Lafakis, Senior Economist, MOODY’S ANALYTICS
Monitoring the impact of evolving Crude C4 market dynamics on US BD
  • Anticipating the timing of new crackers coming on-stream
  • Assessing the latest availability of BD globally as a result of the shift to lighter cracking
  • Anticipating the future of the US BD market in the context of lighter cracking
  • Global feedstock outlook: what to expect for 2018 and how the market might balance supply and demand 
John Dietrich, Senior Editor, ICIS
Morning refreshments and networking break
Spotlight on the rubber industry
  • Global overview of the SR industry: market structure and main players
  • New projects and expansions with particular focus on BR facilities idled in China
  • Chinese market performance
  • Challenges and market trends: examining the synthetic vs natural rubber dynamic, how each influences the other and anticipating future balance between SBR
Roxanna Petrovic, General Director of Programs, IISRP
Panel discussion: How will disruptions to the market globally affect the US butadiene industry in future?
  • What are the biggest challenges currently facing the BD market and how are they changing?
  • How is technology disrupting the industry?
  • What will be the impact of anti-dumping measures and how can it be managed?
  • Why didn’t last year’s volatility lead to increased On Purpose production in Asia?
Dr Herbert Fruhmann, Market Manager TYR, NYNAS
Dirk Burghardt, Director, Licensing and Technology Sales Petrochemistry, Air Liquide
Randall Rabenhorst, Principal, Energy & Chemicals Advisory, NEXANT
Joseph Bridges, Process Engineer, LyondellBasell
Lunch and networking
Examining the Chinese market and its impact on the US
  • Understanding the dynamics that drive the Chinese market
  • How is China affecting BD and SBR supply and demand?
  • What does increasing traffic congestion in China mean for the future size of the automobile market?
  • Anticipating the impact of growing numbers of MTO plants on Crude C4 and BD supply and demand
Rhian O’Connor , Senior Analyst, Consulting and Analytics, ICIS
Examining European BD production and its impact on the US
  • Long term outlook for European BD supply and demand
  • Understanding the impact of the lighter cracking in the US on the ability of Europe to remain competitive
  • How will BD demand impact on European crackers?
  • Anticipating future developments and disruptions in the region: incidents, difficulties and new technologies
Randall Rabenhorst, Principal, Energy & Chemicals Consulting, NEXANT INC.
Afternoon refreshments and networking break
Exploring new technology for On Purpose natural gas-based Butadiene
  • Understanding the benefits of On Purpose BD: balancing fluctuations in the market and creating the potential for higher price stability
  • Opportunities for small scale production making On Purpose more cost effective
  • What might the future potential be for wider On Purpose production on a smaller scale? Market development and barriers to implementation
Yuko Amizaki, Associate Director, Business Development, Energy Sector, Intrexon Corporation
SB latex market dynamics in North America compared with other major global markets
  • Overview of the global consumption of SB latex
  • Focus on US markets and primary applications for SB latex
  • Similarities & differences with other key regions globally (China, Europe, Southeast Asia)
  • Forecast and outlook
Chester Yu, Director Consulting, Kline & Company
Managing the market: reducing exposure to risk and volatility
  • What are the global drivers that created recent volatility?
  • Understanding the likely future direction of the market: is there a danger of volatility recurring?
  • Is there a structural way to consider market volatility and how demand and supply affects that process?
  • The practicalities of business management in the face of supply and price disruption
James Ray, Senior Consultant, ICIS Consulting
Chair's closing remarks and close of conference
ICIS Petrochemical Analytics Solutions Demonstration and drinks reception

We are currently finalising our speaker line up, keep checking back to see who are new confirmed speakers are. 

 Well-rounded overview of the factors that influence the global BD market from a diverse group of subject mater experts 
Informative consolidation of factors that influence butadiene price dynamics: upstream, downstream and BD production in between
Wacker Chemical Corporation
 Provides in-depth knowledge of regional and global factors that drive butadiene supply and demand
Mallard Creek Polymers
Great lineup of topics and expert speakers sharing diverse insights 

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