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Exploiting worldwide economic factors and shifting trade legislation to strategize for an increasingly saturated European market.

With recent saturation in the European market, the PET Value Chain conference remains as topical as ever.

Global economic factors and shifting trade legislations mean that Europe’s potential market is changing shape - in an extremely interesting way. A fresh set of challenges for the upcoming year are causing established and emerging industry players to utilise global connections, and to explore additional options in a competitive market.

The PET Value Chain conference will reveal the key environmental factors worldwide that drive current and prospective industry conditions, and provide answers to your most pressing questions about how global changes are influencing European PET. 


Conference Day 1: Tuesday 7 March

Registration and refreshments
Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
Stephen Short, Director, Business & Commercial Development and Chairman, Indorama and CPME
Macroeconomic outlook and the political landscape of PET
  • Analysing the influence of global macroeconomic trends on the sector
  • Upcoming political change: EU member states and their contribution to the value chain
  • How do exchange rates affect PET pricing?
  • Predicting the effects of Brexit
  • How may adopting a circular economy impact the PET market?
Paul Hodges, Chairman, INTERNATIONAL eCHEM
Supply and demand dynamics: Crude oil and aromatic feedstocks for PET
  • Drivers of crude oil price and projecting downstream effects
  • PX, PIA and PTA market analysis
  • Do global aromatic feedstocks for PET prices align to the European market?
Refreshment break and networking
European EO and derivatives: A European perspective in a global world
  • Ethylene Oxide and its dynamics in Europe

  • Trends, issues, challenges

  • Future outlook for European EO and EOD's

David De Clerck, Business Manager EO – EO Glycols, INEOS Oxide
Understanding the global PET market and its impact on Europe
  • Worldwide trade flows for PET: Which continents are exchanging goods?
  • Exploring major new capacities and forecasting their impact
  • Worldwide production and areas of potential demand growth
  • Global and regional supply and demand: The next 5-10 years
Ciarán Healy, Analyst, ICIS
Delegate lunch and networking
Anti-dumping/anti-subsidy/duties on PET: A recurrent phenomena
  • Anti-dumping and anti-subsidy mechanism in the EU
  • Recent developments in EU Antidumping and its relation with WTO
  • Overview of ADP and AS duties on imports of PET and other plastics
Claudia Orozco, International Trade Law Consultant, Trade Law Advice
Trading with Turkey: An emerging industry hotspot
  • Update on Turkey’s political and economic situation
  • Changes in Turkish production and trade flows for PTA, MEG and PET
  • Challenges and opportunities for European business trading with Turkey
  • Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt: A summary of their importance for PET in light of trade challenges
Ahmet Bilgili, Logistics and Purchasing Director, KÖKSAN
The sway of China: A global economic force
  • Can China influence the entire value chain? (MEG, PTA, PX and PET resin)
  • Domestic industry growth and the impact on global pricing
  • How will overcapacities affect European PET?
Hazel Goh, Market Editor - Asia & ME PET, Asia R-PET, Asia PE Pipe-grade, ICIS
Refreshment break and networking
Panel discussion: How do competing end-use industries affect PET demand?
  • Summary of global industry outlooks and inter-polymer competition
  • Which shifts in application will affect the value chain upstream?
  • How are the major polyester industries taking advantage of global connectivity?
Heinz Meierkord, CEO, ADVANSA
Neil Court-Johnston, Commercial Director, Nampak
Yiwu Tan, Vice President, JOFO GROUP
Fernando Castro, Operations Director, CAIBA
Penetrating new markets through innovation
  • Estimating the growth potential of PET use in the milk market
  • What are the challenges of amending end-user materials?
  • Evaluating the influence of inter-polymer competition on PET
Neil Court-Johnston, Commercial Director, Nampak
Chairman’s closing remarks
End of day one

Conference Day 2: Wednesday 8 March

Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
Francesco Zanchi, CEO and Owner, GSI Global International
Sustainability in the packaging sector
  • The demands for beer packaging
  • The challenges of recyclability
  • The increase in recycled content
Cor Waringa, Senior Global Lead Packaging Materials, Heineken
Practising sustainable business growth: An industry perspective
  • How can companies fit a sustainable product/service into their model?
  • Which opportunities for economic growth become available?
  • Not just recycling: How sustainability can benefit the entire value chain.
Joop Groen, Senior Manager New Business Development, TNO
Refreshment break and networking
Panel discussion: Are 100% bio-based plastics on the rise?
  • Which companies are involved and what are their goals?
  • What are the trends in consumer demand?
  • The impact of consumer dynamics on upstream materials
  • Weighing the future use of PET, R-PET and bioplastics (PEF/PTF)
Constance Ißbrücker, Head of Environmental Affairs , European Bioplastics
Lirys Crawford, Channel Marketing Manager of Biomaterials, DuPont
Joop Groen, Senior Manager New Business Development, TNO
Stephan Roest, Market Development Manager, Corbion
Packaging trends and outlook: A consumer perspective
  • European vs. global packaging demand (types of plastics, volumes, trends)
  • Implications for PET and upstream markets
  • Adapting business strategy to compensate for volatility
Andreas Normann, Head of Corporate Purchasing, Hansa Heemann
Asian trade: An industry of rapid growth
  • Capacities, trade agreements and prospects overview
  • What are the challenges are faced by trading with Asian countries?
  • How can European countries capitalise on Asian products and services?
Sukhdeep Sethi, Director, AVI Global Plast
Lunch and end of conference
Chairman’s closing remarks
R-PET Forum

The R-PET Forum will take place at the end of day 2, Wednesday 8 March.

The R-PET Forum will examine: 

The standing of R-PET in a competitive market

Tackling recyclability in a consumer-driven industry

The New Plastics Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics 

Bottle collection schemes: A closed-loop initiative 


This conference has been an outstanding opportunity to: i) Have access to valuable information and new interesting topics, ii) Network and meeting with partners
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