Day 1 - Thursday 14 March 2013




Chair’s opening remarks

Peter Davis, Director General, British Plastics Federation

A global overview of the PET industry

  • Understanding global supply and demand dynamics
  • Identifying growing markets
  • Which regions are most active?
Stewart Hardy, Global Manager - Petrochemical Market Dynamics, Nexant

An outlook on raw material production

  • Assessing present and future availability of the main feedstocks: MEG, PTA and PX
  • What is affecting availability?
  • Evaluating the impact on PET prices
Roger Lee, Managing Director, Tecnon OrbiChem

The collapse of cotton prices: opportunity or threat for the PET industry?

  • China’s vast expansions in PTA capacity are now online
  • Collapsing cotton prices will reduce demand for polyester fibre
  • What risks does this pose for PET producers and consumers?
Paul Hodges, Chairman, International eChem

Morning refreshments and networking


PET price risk management - Hedging polymer prices and margins

Andy Bookas, Commodity Sales, Barclays Capital

Insights into Asia’s PET market

  • Analysing 2012: margins, operating ratios and exports
  • The supply demand balance in 2013
  • Expected downstream growth and operating rations 2013
  • PX and PTA supply and demand balance in 2013
Caroline Murray, Senior Editor: EG, PET, PTA, DMT , ICIS
Yu Guo, Senior Editor- Asia PX, PET, Recycled PET, ICIS

Lunch and networking


Developments in the European PET film industry – Real Sustainability with foamed APET Films

  • A brief overview of the European PET film industry
  • Insights into Biopolymers
  • Sustainability in practice: advantages, cost savings, composite films and recycling 
Dr Kurt Stark, Director Business Development, Buergofol GmbH

Shedding light on developments in Rigid Packaging in Europe’s PET conversion industry

  • Examining the PET market in rigid packaging
  • PET value in rigid packaging
  • Looking to the future: understanding what will drive the market in the future 
Ivan Schober, European Sourcing Director, Paccor

Afternoon refreshments and networking


Developments in Turkey’s growing PET market

  • Exploring new PET film projects in Turkey
  • Is industry growth in this region expected to continue?
  • Assessing the impact on the EU market
Amit Prakash, General Manager and Profit Center Head, Polyplex

A forecast for the PET bottle market

  • Examining supply and demand dynamics: how is this likely to affect PET bottle production?
  • Identifying the main price drivers
  • How does growth in the PET bottle market compare to other markets?
  • Using new technology to improve the product
Jane Jackson, Sales and Marketing Manager, Esterform Packaging

Chair’s closing statement and end of Day 1

Day 2 - Friday 15 March 2013


Chair’s opening statement

Peter Davis, Director General, British Plastics Federation

Analysing manufacturing economics to improve efficiency

  • The value chain v the profit chain
  • PET economics
  • Basics for preform manufacturing: outlining models for efficiency
  • Should bottlers manufacture preforms?
Fernando Castro, Operations Director, CAIBA

Recycled PET: assessing the impact on the industry as a whole

  • Exploring growing use of recycled PET (R-PET): which countries are better at recycling?
  • Considering availability of R-PET
  • How is the growing use of R-PET affecting price and availability of virgin PET
Edward Kosior, Managing Director, NEXTEK

Understanding legislation: finding the best way to implement the latest EU regulations

  • Highlighting the key EU regulations regarding the use of R-PET in the food industry
  • Offering guidance on the implementation of these regulations
  • How might this impact on the R-PET industry?
Claudio Mereu, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP

Morning refreshments and networking


Bio PET: changing the future of the PET industry?

  • What is Bio PET? Explaining the technology
  • How is it currently being used?
  • Assessing the impact on demand and price of petrochemical based PET 
Tom van Aken, CEO, Avantium

Investigating new applications for PET

  • Who is looking to use PET? Revealing new markets
  • Looking into where PET can replace other materials
  • How will this affect supply and demand dynamics?
Miguel Angel Arto , Business Development, Novapet
Javier Rivera, Business Development, Novapet

Chair’s closing statement and close of conference



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