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Ernie Henderson

Dr Harry Ernest Henderson received a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Windsor in 1977, after which he spent 19 years with Imperial Oil and Exxon in Research, Marketing, Logistics and Technical Services activities in both domestic and international regions. 

In 1997, Dr Henderson joined Petro-Canada as Manager for their Group III development, and later was Research Director at Syntroleum Corporation and their Fischer-Tropsch GTL upgrading programs. During his career of 36+ years, Dr Henderson has also been the Technical Manager for YUBASE Group III base stocks, Fluid Technology Manager for CITGO and Director of Technology for Lubrication Technologies.

In 2011, Dr Henderson re-launched K&E Petroleum Consulting, LLC. His broad range of base oil expertise includes Group I, II, III, IV (PAO) and re-refined and their application with finished lubricants.  His company operates on a national and international basis, specializing in base stock management and strategic planning, new product and process development, Supply Chain management and cost control, raw materials sourcing and training. 

Dr Henderson is a Fellow of the STLE and the Chemical Institute of Canada, a member of SAE and an active participant in API, AFPM, ASTM, BLM, ICIS and ILMA activities. He is a regular moderator of the ICIS Pan American Base Oil conference and one of the lead trainers for the ICIS Base Oil courses.   

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