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Victor Franco Paredes
Operations Director
Victor Franco-Paredes was born in México city. He has an Industrial Engineering degree by Universidad Autónoma de México and an MBA with Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.
Victor started working in 1991 with Lumiplastica/Lens Lite as plant manager in big scale plastic injection molding machines (1500 tons injectors) and High vacuum aluminum metallizing processes facilities. In this period he worked as a part time Project Evaluation professor at Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey.
Victor started working with Roshfrans from  january 1998 to April 2015  as Operations Manager with Supply chain Operations as main responsibility. Key responsibilities are Procurement, Blending and Manufacturing  production with 3 plants in Mexico and distribution and logistics for finished products with two national distribution centers (Guadalajara and Mexico city). Base oil supply and logistic had been another key responsibility with Roshfrans managing stocks on owned and contracted terminals. Victor had participated with the company in the development of launch new products and packaging technology and strategic joint ventures as well.
Victor started working with Lubral in Monterrey on April 2015 as Supply and Operation manager. Lubral is part of Grupo Gonher in México. Lubral export and do private label for the lubricant industry in Mexico, South America and other countries.
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