The 13th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Seminar Agenda The 13th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Seminar Agenda

Pre-Conference Seminar - 29 November 2017

New environmental regulations and their impact on the technology and market of the future

This practical pre-conference seminar will provide crucial updates on changes to legislation and ensure your business is in a strong position to respond. Find out the latest on the ILSAC GF6 specification and MARPOL and reap the benefits of embedding environmental sustainability throughout the industry.


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Chair’s opening remarks and start of seminar

Joe RousmaniereDirector Business DevelopmentChemlube International

Update on ILSAC GF6 specification: Latest timelines, obligations and future expectations

  • When is the new spec due and what will be its impact on the base oils market?
  • Meeting the pre-ignition test: adapting to a significant change in chemistries
  • Mapping out testing programmes for a candidate oil
  • Addressing concerns for universal oils: impact on mixed fleets
  • Managing approvals for new base oils coming to market in the intervening period between GF5 and GF6
    Steve Haffner, President, SGH Consulting LLC

Understanding MARPOL marine fuel specifications and their impact on the base oils industry

  • Understanding the role played by marine fuel in the global base oils and lubricants market
  • What new lubricants formulations and materials will be required to meet the regulations?
  • Examining the necessary steps to commercialize new marine lubricants to address future requirements
    Dick Wolpert, Marine Product Line Manager, Chevron Oronite
15.20   Refreshment break and networking

Performance or sustainability? No need to compromise

  • A new, top-tier synthetic hydrocarbon is available commercially to automotive and industrial lubricant formulators
  • Review key physical and chemical properties and compare the base stock to other available technologies
  • Insights into selected applications where the base oil has delivered value in automotive and industrial application
  • Sustainability and how to support claims based on data 
    William R Downey Jr., Senior Vice President, Business Development, Novvi LLC

Panel Discussion – Meeting regulations and benefiting from improved environmental sustainability throughout your business

  • Benefits of embedding environmental sustainability throughout the supply chain
  • What is required to meet changing regulations and communicate your sustainability credentials?
  • Lessons learnt within the regulatory and sustainability environment

Chair’s closing remarks and end of seminar



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