The 13th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Conference Agenda The 13th ICIS Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Conference Agenda

Day 1 - Thursday 30 November 2017


Registration and Refreshments


Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks

Ernie Henderson, President, K&E PETROLEUM CONSULTING
Gerry Jackson, Vice President, Business Development, RENKERT OIL LLC
Victor Franco Paredes, Operations Director , LUBRAL

Keynote speech – the future of electrified vehicles

  • Examining the future of electrification and how it will transform the automotive industry
  • Increasing trends in electrification technologies also utilizing engines: hybrid vehicles, PHEVs etc.
  • Others factors influencing the cars we drive
Mark Kuhn, Vice President, Ricardo Strategic Consulting

Current state of base oil refining

  • Examining refinery costs
  • How does utilization play a role?
  • Operating changes in solvent-based refineries to improve profitability
  • Regional cost differences: Asia Pacific vs Middle East vs USA
Jamie Brunk, Manager – Lube Studies, Solomon Associates

Refreshment break and networking

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Principles for establishing base stock interchange guidelines

  • Types of base stock interchange and industry importance
  • Principles supporting interchange 
  • Potential implications of unsubstantiated interchanges
  • Historical and current approaches within API (PC-11, GF-6) 
Richard (Rick) C. Dougherty, Distinguished Research Associate, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Base Oils – A Path Forward

  • Overview of the global base oil market – is there a place for all API groups?
  • Scenarios that can impact base oil demand – ride sharing, rise of the EVs, 3D printing
  • What the future could hold for the base oil market – A path forward
Bryan Schorzman, General Manager, Motiva Base Oils

Lunch and networking


Panel discussion

  • Group IIIs from new suppliers. Base oil ‘slates’ and how important are they really?
  • The use of traders vs direct/authorised distributor sales
  • API/ACEA approvals – are they necessary and viable? Examining the trade off in cost of obtaining approvals vs discounted pricing and longer term impact on traditional Group III premium
  • What are the principal markets for non-approved supplies? Can they be economically used with approved Group III by blenders up to the limits specified in API 1509-E? Alternatives and replacements of Group II/II+ by unapproved Group III?
Steve Haffner, President, SGH Consulting LLC
Norman Sheppard, Base Oil Development , The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)
Thom Smith, Vice President,Lubricant Technology, VALVOLINE
Ben Cowart, CEO, Vertex Energy
Gabe Rhoads, Global Business Manager Passenger Car Engine Additives, The Lubrizol Corporation

Globalization of the engine oil market: a view of the Latin American market

  • Understanding recent changes to the Latin American automotive market and the role of globalization
  • Examining the impact of the implementation of fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions legislation requiring more sophisticated engine and after-treatment systems
  • Changing consumer demand regarding performance and fuel economy
  • Meeting demands and providing economies of scale
Marcos Davi Santos, Latin America Area Sales Manager, CHEVRON ORONITE

Refreshment break and networking

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Brazil: a rising lubricants powerhouse

  • Current economic picture and near-term outlook
  • Base oil appetites in Brazil
  • Finished lubricants demand
  • Key products and players
  • Trends, opportunities and challenges in this evolving market
Guilherme de Paula, Regional Business Head Americas, Petronas Lubricants International

Outlook for lubricant and base oil supply and demand in Mexico

  • Analyzing the current market
  • Plans and major changes scheduled for the coming year
  • Assessing the impact of irregularities in crude oil production on the market
  • Update on progress towards lubricant minimum specifications
  • Impact of the political situation on the automotive market
Yair Rodriguez, Account Manager, Lubrizol Mexico

Examining global trade flows for base oils and lubricants and the implications for pan-America

  • Trends in imports and exports of base oils: growing markets and future opportunities
  • How will the development of new capacity in the Middle East impact the market?
  • Estimating inter-region flows
  • Trends supporting the creation of additional value: understanding how higher quality oils will change the market and the demands they place on lubricants
Milind Phadke, Director, Energy, KLINE & CO

Close of conference day one


Evening Networking Reception

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Day 2 - Friday 1 December 2017


Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks

Ernie Henderson, President, K&E PETROLEUM CONSULTING
Gerry Jackson, Vice President, Business Development, RENKERT OIL LLC
Victor Franco Paredes, Operations Director , LUBRAL

Addressing Low Speed Pre-Ignition with API SN-PLUS

  • Brief statement on API Mission and EOLCS history
  • Current status of ILSAC GF-6 and API SP development
  • Automaker request for supplement to API SN standard
  • API process for approving supplements to API engine oil standards
  • API decision to name supplement SN PLUS
  • Changes to API Service Symbol Donut to accommodate SN PLUS 
  • Waiting period for first licensing of SN PLUS

The legislative and regulatory landscape for lubricants in 2018

  • Analysing the landscape under the Trump administration and new Congress
  • Understanding the impact of the new administration on the industry: from the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement to specs and regulations
  • Legislative and regulatory priorities for independent lubricant manufacturers
Holly Alfano, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association

Refreshment break and networking


A critical review of Group III: from supply to performance

  • How is the specification of Group III developing? Does the whole system of Group numbers need updating?
  • Examining the market shift towards Group III base oils and the impact on the North American market
  • What will be the impact of higher quality Group III base oils and how do the different options compare?
  • Considering the impact of less-approved Group III base oils on the market and likely future developments
Norman Sheppard, Base Oil Development , The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO)

Maximizing existing manufacturing assets for base oils production (extraction and catalytic)

  • Understanding key control variables in extraction and catalytic operations
  • Throughput and product quality limitations resulting from unit operation
  • Using key performance indicators as an optimization tool
Howard Spencer, Lubes Process Specialist, Becht Engineering

Chairman’s closing remarks


Lunch and end of conference

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.
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