ICIS is delighted to announce its collaboration with Lubes Em Foco on the 3rd Meet the Market South America event in 2013. This highly respected and established event in the South American base oils and lubricants industry calendar will be held in Rio De Janeiro on the 1st and 2nd July 2013.

Brazil and the South American region is attracting worldwide attention as it presents a wealth of opportunities and has huge potential for the future. There are many questions for international players interested in this market:

  • How does the base oil and lubricant landscape look in South America?
  • Will Brazil continue to grow in the context of the global economy?
  • Biodiesel – what effect does it have on lubricants in the region?
  • What is the status of re-refined products in Brazil?
  • How do the main market players in the region view the outlook for base oils in South America?

 Questions for domestic companiesattending will be:

  • What are the key drivers of the global markets?
  • What is the outlook for Group I, II and III worldwide?
  • How does the global landscape look for lubricants?

These questions and more will be addressed on the informative agenda.

The 3rd Meet the Market South America event is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the South American base oils and lubricants market, and offer a global perspective for those working in South America. Make sure you don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to discover what’s really happening in this exciting region,  as well as establish new networking opportunities with the key market players.

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