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Thursday 9 May 2013




Chairperson’s opening remarks

David Ledesma, Energy and Strategy Consultant , Southcourt Ltd

A global overview of the LNG industry

  • Where are we now? Status quo of global LNG market.
  • What is driving the market?
    • How do regional developments impact supply?
    • What is shaping the LNG demand?
    • What will be the expected impact?
  • What are short term points of interest?
Thomas Vles, Strategy Consultant, Bottle Consulting

Examining short-term price structures to understand the changing trading landscape

  • What factors are driving spot and short-term pricing?
  • Have NBP and Henry Hub regained relevance?
  • Investigating how deals are structured
  • How have short and mid-term contracts evolved?
Simon Ellis, LNG Analyst, ICIS

Japanese energy policy: what does the future hold for LNG?

  • What is the outlook for nuclear restarts?
  • How has this affected Japanese utilities’ spot procurement?
  • Will government initiatives affect spot pricing?
Hiroshi Kondo, Vice President, LNG Europe, Tokyo Gas

Morning refreshments and networking


The arrival of South East Asia as a key player in the LNG market

  • The development of a Singapore trading hub: examining its coming role in regional trading
  • Uncovering new market players: assessing the impact of new terminals in Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Can the region co-operate to form a new trading nexus?
David Ledesma, Energy & Strategy Consultant, South-Court Ltd

Asia going forward: how will regional market dynamics develop?

  • Domestic price reform in China: is a Shanghai spot LNG hub realistic?
  • Assessing the longer term impact of US shale gas on pricing in Asia
  • Highlighting potential new players into the market
Xiaoyi Mu, Senior Lecturer in Energy Economics, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee

Lunch and networking


Europe’s transforming LNG role

  • Where does the push for spot pricing leave the market?
  • Can Baltic Sea and Mediterranean buyers help revive demand?
  • Will reloads give way to more efficient contracting?
Javier Moret, Head of LNG Origination, RWE Supply and Trading

Analysing pricing trends in South America

  • Examining price formation in South American LNG markets
  • Brazil’s drought: what impact will this have on prices?
  • Chile’s emergence as a spot LNG buyer: how will this affect market dynamics?
  • Assessing how spot trading has developed in the region: could a pricing hub develop?
Luis Lesmes, Executive Director LNG, Morgan Stanley

What will US liquefaction mean for the spot trade?

  • How much LNG is likely to be exported from the US and where will it go?
  • Will this impact Atlantic, as well as Asian, pricing?
  • Understanding the impact on supply flexibility?
Alfonso Puga, Chief Commercial Officer, Pangea LNG

Afternoon refreshments and networking


Tools for trading LNG

  • Evolution of hub benchmark pricing
  • Index based LNG contracts: what are Financial swaps?
  • How do traders trade on screen today? 
Les Male, Senior Director, Energy Products, CME Group

Can LNG contracts adapt with the market?

  • What do recent arbitrations mean for long-term contracts?
    • Increased use of price reviews
    • Will prices move away from oil linkages 
  • Exploring new trends in LNG contracting
    • The move to portfolio sales
    • Volume flexibility
    • Take obligations or Take or Pay?
    • Changing default provisions
Niall Trimble, Managing Director, The Energy Contract Company

Tracking developments in LNG shipping

  • Exploring new shipping routes and highlighting changes to old ones
  • Optimising routes to overcome the vessel shortage
  • How are new builds affecting charter rates?
Olga Vedernikova, LNG Director, Clarksons

Chairman’s closing statement

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.

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