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What does the accelerating economy in India mean for the untapped potential of the surfactants market?
Increasing disposable income and changing consumer preferences are significantly driving the demand for speciality chemicals in India. Surfactants represent a massive growth opportunity as the accelerating Indian economy drives the demand for personal and homecare products. With huge potential identified now is the prime time for both domestic and international players to invest in the sector. 


The 1st ICIS Indian Surfactants Conference has been designed to highlight the growth and investment areas across the Indian surfactants value chain. The event focuses on strategies to meet growing demand, analyse key market drivers and support regional projects in the Indian surfactants industry.
What makes The ICIS Indian Surfactants Conference unique?
  • Commercially focused event to provide the current outlook for the surfactants industry in India and projections for the next 5-10 years
  • Representation from the entire surfactants value chain, from feedstock producers and surfactant manufacturers to end-consumer companies, including all major suppliers to the industry
  • Market intelligence and scenarios for the personal, homecare and industrial cleaning sectors in India
  • More than 15 high-level speakers sharing their insights on the industry and highlighting the most promising business areas
  • The conference agenda provides the comprehensive outlook for primary and secondary feedstock, including oleo and petrochemicals, LAB and ethylene oxide



Conference Day 1: Thursday 21 September

Registration & Welcome Refreshments

Chair’s opening remarks
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC
Reviewing the surfactants outlook for India: driving growth across a diverse market
  • Assessing the market size and competitive landscape in a highly fragmented sector
  • Growing economy, increased disposable income and consumer demand
  • Changing regulatory environment and its effect on the surfactants value chain
Krishnan Natarajan, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, GALAXY SURFACTANTS
Branched alcohols: Enabling high performance and biodegradable surfactants
  • Desirable product performance attributes of branched alcohol ethoxylates
  • Can branched alcohols be used for biodegradable surfactants?
  • Recent biodegradability test results from ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc.
Gail E Bragin, Environmental Toxicologist, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences, Inc
Networking break

India’s personal care industry priorities: balancing the drive for premium products with cost sensitivity
  • Examining consumer preferences 
  • Growing demand for premium products
  • Will price remain the main driver of the industry? 
  • Potential of the Indian personal care sector and projections for the next 5 years
Jerard Kumar, General Manager – Purchase, CAVINKARE LTD
What does the future hold for LAB in India?
  • Perspective on supply and demand dynamics: what is the future for imports?
  • What’s driving demand for LAB?
             o Crude Oil
             o Monsoon
             o Water availability
             o Kerosine
             o Disposable income
  • Effect of alternative surfactants : Green LAB
Sujit Kumar Sinha, GM PC Marketing, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
Lunch and networking break

Panel discussion. Emerging trends: What do consumer goods companies look for in formulations?
  • How are end user requirements influencing formulators and surfactants producers?
  • What do end consumer companies look from the surfactants manufacturers?
  • What are the developments in NEW surfactants to meet consumer needs?
Sanjay Trivedi, Founder Director, Indian Home & Personal Care Industry Association (IHPCIA)
Jerard Kumar, General Manager – Purchase, CAVINKARE LTD
Venkatesh Shankar, VP - New Product Development, Quality Assurance and Control, PATANJALI AYURVED LTD
Gautam Kanthadai, Head – Sales& Application South Asia , BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties, Clariant India
GST: A chemical equation for the chemical industry
  • Overview of GST
  • GST: merits/demerits
  • Imoact of GST on the surfactants industry
Neerav Mainkar, Managing Partner, M NEERAV & ASSOCIATES
Networking break

What’s on the industry’s mind: Results of the Surfactants Survey 2017
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC
Ayurveda and organic cosmetics: a new growth frontier?
  • Consumer shift: accelerating trend for herbal and Ayurvedic products
  • What is the potential for global growth? 
  • Designing green cosmetics and challenges faced
  • Ensuring synergy between chemistry and herbs
Venkatesh Shankar, VP - New Product Development, Quality Assurance and Control, PATANJALI AYURVED LTD
Sustainable performance ingredients for home and personal care
  • Changing consumer trends of the home and personal care industry
  • Possible replacement of conventional surfactants with their 'green' alternatives
  • Designing safe, eco-friendly and green home and personal products 
Ashim Kumar Dutta, Vice President R&D, INDIA GLYCOLS LTD
Drinks reception and end of conference day one

Conference Day 2: Friday 22 September

Chair’s reconvening remarks
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC
Examining the Indian surfactants feedstock landscape: Focus on petrochemicals
  • Regional and Indian demand, supply and trade flows for petrochemical feedstocks
  • Markets and price trends
  • Key business drivers
  • Identifying complexitites and priority areas
Malini Hariharan, Head of South Asia Markets, ICIS
Examining the Indian surfactants feedstock landscape: Focus on oleochemicals
  • Market segments, application and players
  • Imports and trade partners
  • Potential of castor oil as feedstock 
  • Identifying complexities and priority areas
S Hariharsubramanian, Director, VVF SINGAPORE
The winning formula in detergents in India: consumer preferences and innovative formulations
  • Detergent market: consumer behaviour, supply and demand
  • Increased demand in the domestic sector - how will this impact the surfactant market going forward?
  • Key drivers and constraints in each sector
  • Laundry detergents: cleaning with less water
Rupesh Agarwal, Procurement Director, Unilever
Morning break

Outlook for surfactants used in India’s Industrial and Institutional (I&I) cleaning sectors
  • Overview of consumption per application across sectors: agriculture, industrial cleaning, paper, textiles, etc.
  • Which surfactants are consumed in these specific applications?
  • Examing the use of surfactants in crop protection in India
  • Potential challenges for surfactants, new regulations and applications
Improving sustainability performance in the surfactants manufacturing processes
  • Developments in energy efficient technologies
  • Water reduction in production processes 
  • Effective utilization of by-products
Sanjay Trivedi, Founder Director, Indian Home & Personal Care Industry Association (IHPCIA)
Chair’s closing remarks
Lunch and end of conference

ICIS Asian surfactants conference is a great opportunity to meet leaders of industry at one place.
Amitabh Nagori, CEO, Universal Drugs & Chemicals
The ICIS World Surfactants conference is a succinct summation of the current economies, consumer feelings, and technology in our industry.
Adam M Johns, Sr Research Chemist, Materia
A top source of surfactant industry news and technology.
Eric Rhozik, Technical Director, Cedar Concepts Corporation
Capture the value and supply chain of Asian Surfactant Industry concisely.
H Calvin Chiu, Director, Home & Personal Care, Americas, Huntsman
High quality presentation that improved my broad knowledge of natural products, surfactants and regional trends.
Craig Latiolais, Global Sales Manager , ExxonMobil Chemical

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