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Interest in India continues to be high as it represents an optimistic, growing market among the troubled economies of Asia. The 5th ICIS Indian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference is set to mirror the growth of the industry in India, and bring together key players to meet and do business.
Join your peers at the only international forum in the Sub-Continent providing essential market information for the industry in India. The conference set the drivers of the Indian market in a global context, and a range of acknowledged experts examine the major factors influencing the base oils and lubricants landscape in India.
Reasons to attend The 5th ICIS Indian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
The opportunity to meet over 200 attendees under one roof
Top class program based on the key market intelligence you want to gain
Insights from industry leaders and acknowledged experts
New business connections in India for international players
The only major international industry conference in India


The 2016 conference attracted 155+ attendees representing over 80 companies from 12 countries.





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Agenda 2017

Conference Day 1: Wednesday 5 April

Registration and refreshments

Welcome and Chair’s opening remarks
Outlook for the Indian economy
  • GDP growth forecast at 7.5% and confidence is high
  • A good Monsoon means increased disposable income and consumer demand
  • New infrastructure and building projects enhance the economic outlook 
  • Demonetization and the move to a ‘cleaner economy’: economic and societal impacts
An update on GST implementation
  • What do we know now?
  • How will logistics improve?
  • What is the impact on petroleum products?
Refreshment break and networking

The leap from Bharat IV to Bharat VI – Next generation technologies to meet India’s standards
  • The OEM response:
              - Is India getting ahead of Europe in lowering viscosity?
              - What changes are Indian OEMs implementing to be ready?
  • The base oil producer response
              - What are refineries putting in place to meet Bharat VI standards?
  • The additive perspective 
              - How to design lubricant formulations to meet Bharat VI without compromising performance requirements
Lunch and networking

Long term vehicle trends and ‘disruptive technology’ for lubricants
  • The trend to electric and hybrid cars in India
  • There will be high uptake in India after 2020
  • The impact on lubricants
Challenges in greases: Lithium hydroxide
  • Lithium hydroxide will be in shorter supply as electric car ownership grows
  • What are the long term alternatives?
Refreshment break and networking

Lubricant marketing in India –what it takes to succeed
  • Many majors struggle to find a foothold
  • Why have some succeeded where others have failed?
  • What makes India unique?
  • What can smaller labels and marketers do to compete?  
Trends in shipping and marine lubricants
  • Trade routes and trade flows in and out of India
  • Trends in the shipping of base oils and lubricants
  • New regulations for lower sulphur content in marine lubricants
  • The changing marine lubricants market landscape in India
Close of Day One

Conference Day 2: Thursday 6 April

Welcome and Chair’s opening remarks
The base oils supply landscape in India
  • Group II and Group III market balances
  • Group I and brightstock situation as supply is squeezed
  • Will the supply emphasis shift from East to West of India?
  • Will India remain a price-driven market?
The growing two wheeler segment in India
  • This sector has seen huge growth
  • A focus on increasing scooter ownership
  • Impact on lubricant formulation and demand
Trends in industrial lubricants
  • Trends and challenges in industrial lubricants
  • How the sector will face a shortage of Group I and brightstock
  • Impact on base oil demand
Refreshment break and networking

India as an export hub for specialty oils
  • An examination of food grade lubricants, white oils, process oils and transformer oils
  • Why has India become a production and export hub for these products?
  • Future trends and opportunities in current market conditions
Revisiting the agricultural sector
  • What does a good monsoon mean for tractor lubricant demand?
  • What is the outlook for the sector in a growing economy?
  • Will we see a gradual shift from agriculture to manufacturing as the economy develops?
Closing remarks from the Chair
Lunch and networking

2016 Speakers 
Informative, relevant presentations delivered by interesting industry figures.
Graham Edew, Commercial Director, Multisol Europe Ltd
 A very concise insight to what is happening in India lubricant industry.
Nittish Mittal, Indian Oil Corporation
 Very interesting facts came up and liked the control views. 
Rajif Kumar Sota, Business Manager (lube), Brenntag Ingredients India Prt Ltd
 A great timely meeting of the minds of some of the experts from the automotive, lubricants, base oil and additive industries.
Charles Champion, Business Development Executive – India, Infineum Singapore Pte Ltd
 International conference made India specific.
R R Kulkarni, Chief Manager (Tech Ser), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd
 Excellent, informative and very useful. ICIS should organise conference every year in India.
Tapas Bishayi, Ch.Mgr. (Lube Exports), Indian Oil Corporation
 Very informative and a clean update on future challenges for base oils & lubricants.
M. Kalyansunder, Chief Manager (Marketing), Balmer Lawrie & Co

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