The 6th ICIS European Surfactants Conference :: Training The 6th ICIS European Surfactants Conference :: Training

ICIS Surfactants Business Essentials Training Course

13 September 2017

Change is sweeping the global surfactants markets, as vertical integration in Southeast Asia coincides with the shale gas revolution in the US, shaking up the competitive landscape and forcing industry players to reassess their position. In these uncertain times, it’s essential to have a clear view of the business essentials, and factors driving the surfactants markets.

The Surfactants Business Essentials training course is a one-day course offers a non-technical view of the surfactants industry, giving you a sound understanding of value chains, costs and prices, and where opportunities and challenges lie, to help you make smart decisions in this sector

Key topics covered in course:

  • Latest market conditions and key price drivers
  • Applications of surfactants
  • Feedstock developments and the value chain
  • Key producers and their strategies

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Reasons to attend?

  • Gain in-depth insights into latest trends and developments in global surfactants
  • Understand the factors driving costs and prices in key markets
  • Explore upstream/downstream markets and their impact on surfactants
  • Learn about the types of surfactants, production and applications
  • Gain understanding on how these markets function, and how they impact you
  • Find out who are the major players and what their strategies are


About the Trainer 

Neil has over 25 years of experience in the chemicals and surfactants business. His firm, Neil A Burns LLC provides investment and advisory services to companies in the surfactant value chain.

As part of this business he also represents Desmet Ballestra in the North American market for detergents and surfactants technology. In addition he is a founder and the CEO of P2 Science, Inc. a renewable chemical company. His previous experience includes the chemicals group at Rio Tinto Zinc plc, Oliver Wyman Consulting, Pilot Chemical Co, VVF Ltd and Oxiteno.

Neil is an experienced public speaker and currently partners with ICIS to produce surfactants conferences globally. He is based in New Jersey in the US. 

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