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The 6th ICIS European Butadiene and Derivatives Conference will address crucial questions asked by butadiene producers, buyers, end-users and traders, and explore new market opportunities in light of a recovering global demand. Join the conference in Munich on the 13 -14 September 2017, to network with key players from the entire value chain from Europe and beyond.

With ever-changing derivative demand trends, which outlets look most promising going forwards? How will increased switching between the cracker feedstocks affect crude C4 and butadiene? Is rising demand in Asia sustainable? How does natural rubber affect the market? Attend the butadiene industry’s most comprehensive value chain event to hear in depth analyses of all of these issues and more.

New for 2017:

  • Join us at the brand new location of Munich, Germany, to mingle with your fellow peers in a fresh setting
  • New global angle: Focus sessions on Europe, China, Asia, India and Iran
  • Even more derivative trends - Rubbers, latices, ABS and polyamides



Conference Day 1: Wednesday 13 September

Registration and refreshments
Welcome and chair’s opening remarks
Macroeconomics and crude oil: An improving dynamic for the future?
  • Current socioeconomic factors affecting the petrochemicals industry
  • Has crude oil price recovery had an impact downstream?
  • Drivers of change: Emerging markets and shifting from West to East
Jason Miner, Senior Global Chemicals Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence
Feedstock focus: Analysing the naphtha/ethane balance
  • US ethane capacity: Usage, trends and drivers globally
  • Naphtha to ethane: What is the extent of feedstock switching?
  • How will variable olefin demand and market strength impact on crude C4 supply?
Refreshment break and networking
Butadiene industry breakdown: Exploring capacities, demand and trade flows
  • Worldwide production of butadiene: Where is supply tight?
  • Comparing butadiene consumption in Europe and the world – is demand growing?
  • Pricing and trade: Will Asia’s arbitrage window open?
China insight: Upstream economics and butadiene landscape
  • Plants overview: Capacities and projects for butadiene and derivatives
  • On-purpose production: Operating rates
  • Supply and demand balance: Is China seeking to expand internationally?
  • What are the prospects for demand rebound in China
Amber Liu, Senior Information Manager, ICIS China
Butadiene consumption in Asia: Drivers, demand and opportunities
  • Continual growth: Population and GDP as market stimuli
  • How has the automotive industry affected derivatives (PBR, SBR, NBR, ABS) demand?
  • Fuel efficiency legislation and the S-SBR/E-SBR balance
Lunch and networking
Spotlight on India: A rising global player
  • Butadiene, & C4 outlook: Capacities now and future
  • Key market drivers and supply/demand balances
  • Butadiene sufficiency: Impact on India
Dr B V Venugopal, Leader Olefins Platform, SABIC
The SBR market in Europe: From a producer perspective
  • Domestic demand: Trends in European SBR consumption
  • Exporting SBR: Impacts for European market strength
  • High performance tyres: Where is the opportunity for SBR?
Refreshment break and networking
ABS at a glance: How will global demand affect the butadiene industry?
  • Assessing supply and demand balance globally
  • Comparing trends for ABS: Asia vs. Europe
  • How far will ABS drive butadiene demand in future? 
Dr Eike Jahnke, Product Manager Transparent Specialties – Styrenics Specialties EMEA, INEOS Styrolution
Industry analysis: A shift in the production of PBR?
  • Consumer trends for PBR: Tyre demand in 2018 and beyond
  • Labelling and catalysis: A shift to neodymium?
  • PBR as an additive: Market outlook
Impact of butadiene volatility downstream: How are polyamides affected?
  • Polyamide overview: Is the market recovering?
  • Trends in 2017: How has butadiene volatility impacted polyamides?
  • Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 6,6 – Analysing the effects of substitution
Chair's closing remarks
End of day one

Conference Day 2: Thursday 14 September

Welcome and chair’s opening remarks
Analysing SB latex trends: An outlook on the European market
  • A review of supply/demand balances in Europe
  • Key drivers of price in the SB latex industry
  • Impact of natural latex on the synthetic market
NB latex in the spotlight: Where is the market headed?
  • Trends and outlook for NB latex
  • What are the supply and demand balances for NB latex?
  • How has innovation across the industrial and medical gloves sectors affected demand?
Refreshment break and networking
Natural rubber: Short- and long-term impacts on SBR
  • Pricing trends and patterns globally: How closely does SBR follow?
  • Substitution analysis: Demand for natural rubber vs. SBR in the tyre industry
  • Southeast Asia: Will SBR production ever replace cultivation?
Stephen Evans, Group Advisor, R1 International and Hainan Rubber Group
EPDM: A competitor for SBS in the TPEs market?
  • Rise in the TPV and TPO markets
  • Price differentials: How do EPDM and SBS compete?
  • EPDM capacity outlook: Is production on the rise?
Butadiene industry outlook: The emergence of Iran
  • Projects and capacities for Iranian butadiene
  • Where is the Iranian butadiene demand?
  • How does Iranian capacity affect Europe and the Middle East?
Chair's closing remarks
Lunch and end of conference

We are currently finalising our speaker line up, keep checking back to see who are new confirmed speakers are. 

 A perfect connection with butadiene tendancy (actuality, trends, challenges...)
Project Manager, IFPEN
 Perfect opportunity to exchange views on the market and its driving forces with key stakeholders
Global Key Account Manager, Goodpack
 Helped me to make future plans and strategies
Propreitor, Create International
 Productive and a good opportunity to meet industry members 
Associate Commercial Director, Dow Chemical

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