The 7th ICIS Asian Surfactants Conference :: Reasons to attend The 7th ICIS Asian Surfactants Conference :: Reasons to attend

Why Attend?

New for 2017:

This year’s conference has a whole host of refreshing new topics that cover the issues receiving buzz in the media:
  • Korean cosmetics: Where consumers lead innovation
  • Asian beauty network - A revolution in retailing
  • Ethylene oxide and derivatives: Understanding the ethoxylates market
  • Alpha olefins and alpha olefins sulfonates: Increasing importance in Asia?
  • Functional surfactants: Applications and growth drivers
As well as plenty of analysis of the core markets: Indian LABSA, oleochemicals dynamics, China outlook, Middle East capacity, Asian surfactants trade flows and many more…

Who Should Attend?

The ICIS Asian Surfactants event has previously attracted a great number of top companies from the industry, including:  



This event is for you if you or your customers are from the following company types:

Surfactants producers Industry associations and boards
Oleochemicals producers and suppliers End users of surfactants e.g. cosmetics, detergents and cleaning products companies 
Petrochemical feedstock suppliers Governmental organisations
Logistics providers Academic institutions
Surfactants traders and distributers Chemical and financial consultancy companies

Who attended in the past? 

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