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The new capacity wave – Impacts for Asian markets

On the 14-15 November 2017, the ICIS Asian Polyolefins Conference returns to the wonderful city of Bangkok. Now in its 5th year, the event will explore the effects of capacity, economics, demand and trade on the Asian polyolefins market and address the questions asked by producers, buyers, traders and end-users.

With China and India’s production ever-increasing, and additional pressure to absorb material from the US and Middle East, will Asia’s supply/demand concerns continue? Is increased production from major players in anticipation of good demand growth? As mature markets move towards more specialised products and consumer trends change, how will polyolefins converters keep up during the squeeze? Attend the 5th ICIS Asian Polyolefins Conference to hear in depth analysis of all of these issues and more!

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The speaker program will address "The new capacity wave – Impacts for Asian markets".

Conference Day 1: Tuesday 14 November

Registration and Refreshments
Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
Global macroeconomics: A view from the US
  • 2017: A year of political change – what are the potential effects?
  • Economies at a glance: Key players and emerging regions
  • Exchange rates and petrochemicals: Who has been hit?
  • The shale revolution and oil price: Looking to the future
China outlook: Will policy or economy shape the market?
  • Economic status and drivers of growth – Can momentum sustainably continue?
  • How far have China’s supply reforms affected the industry?
  • Future direction and development: Where will China be positioned in 2020 and beyond?
Speed networking – Business card exchange
Take advantage of this speed networking session and exchange business cards with those sat around you. Start with the people sitting closest then move around the room and introduce yourself to other attendees to learn more about their companies and projects.
Refreshment break and networking
Southeast Asian polyolefins market: A producer perspective
  • What are the polyolefins production projects in the next 5-10 years?
  • Demand for polyolefins: Which sectors in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia show sufficient growth?
  • External trade relationships – is Europe more attractive to export to?
SK Tham, Vice President, SEA, Borouge
India: Is the additional capacity in anticipation of future demand?
  • Indian economy: Growth and outlook
  • Future demand indicators: What does Indian development look like?
  • Polyolefin capacity and the future: Will becoming a net polyethylene exporter affect current relationships?
Lunch and networking
How will US gas-based products affect Asia?
  • Polyethylene capacity: How much and when?
  • Perspective from the US: How attractive is Asia as an export market?
  • Is US material competitive with Middle Eastern material after shipping costs and timings?
The competitiveness of Middle Eastern products in Asia
  • Major projects in the region: New developments in Saudi Arabia
  • How are Middle Eastern polyethylene producers adding value to their products?
  • New relationships in the face of Chinese and Indian development: Who will absorb the capacity?
The influence of Iran in Asia: What progress has been made?
  • Iranian polyolefins capacity overview and outlook
  • Trading with Asia: What challenges do Iranian producers face in exporting to China and India?
  • What are the future intentions of the region?
Refreshment break and networking
Asian polyolefins market – Assessing the supply/demand landscape
  • India and China: What is the scale of upcoming supply and demand?
  • Key polyolefins players: Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia polyethylene outlook
  • Analysing importance of demand growth regions – Vietnam, Myanmar and Bangladesh
Panel discussion: Why are the trade flows in Asia changing?
  • How are China, India and the Middle East affecting polyolefin trade in Asia?
  • Opportunities for traders: Are high-value products affecting trade?
  • What are the costs and challenges determining trading decisions?
Hedging and risk management: How to mitigate market volatility
  • Volatility in petrochemicals: How hedging can be utilised
  • How can risk management tools alleviate logistical and procurement risks?
  • Hedging and risk management and the Asian polyolefins market – applying to the current market
Chairman’s closing remarks
Close of conference Day 1

Conference Day 2: Wednesday 15 November

Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
Polypropylene in China: Is self-sufficiency on the horizon?
  • Analysing domestic supply: New capacities and operating rates
  • Future feedstock landscape: Importance of crackers, CTO and PDH
  • Assessing trade relationships – What is China’s high performance product supply deficit?
Panel discussion: Asian polyolefins and sustainable development
  • Sustainable growth, consumption and development – Is Asia moving forwards?
  • Challenges for the polyolefins industry – Recyclability, consumer trends and government initiatives
  • How are Asian companies making polyolefins more sustainable?
Refreshment break and networking
Packaging demand in Asia: Challenges and trends
  • Which regions have shown demand growth?
  • Trends in packaging – How have smaller packages affected the value chain upstream?
  • End-user requirements vs. converter margins: How to balance
Metallocene LLDPE: Fast becoming a global commodity?
  • Regions of growth in the industry and major applications
  • How will the increase in popularity affect other non-metallocene grades?
  • Future outlook for metallocene LLDPE production
Asia is moving towards specialised products: Advances in elastomers
  • How far has Asia moved away from commodities in recent years?
  • Trends: How has light weighting in the automotive sector driven elastomer demand?
  • Advances in technology: Adding value to polyolefins products
Chairman’s closing remarks
Lunch and end of conference

The ICIS Asian Polyolefins Conference agenda annually features a cutting edge speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world. Speakers will be announced shortly...

Conference with complete pack as the material and the competent speakers.
PT Indo Thai Trading
Excellent conference
Panca Budi
Excellent topics, well organized, and a very nice idea to have the questions of the audience through
EQUATE Petrochemical Co
Informative topics of conference and a meeting place for networking.
Presenters are high profile and deliver insightful material.
Chandra Asri Petrochemical
Very informative and exciting event with tremendous opportunity for industry networking
Reliance Industries Ltd


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