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Embracing the challenge of oversupply through diversification of basic derivatives and downstream market integration 

“Overcapacity” has defined the oleochemical industry in the recent years. Cheaper feedstock from crude oil has paved the way for derivatives such as fatty alcohols to be produced synthetically. With environmental standards varying from country-to-country, topped with Asian consumers’ propensity to pay and awareness of green chemicals, industry players are actively seeking answers on how to survive amidst oversupply. Would investing further downstream help? How about venturing to new application markets or alterative feedstock?
Let ICIS help you find an answer! Attend the 6th edition of the ICIS Asian Oleochemical Conference and hear valuable insights from key players across the value chain. We are returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 16-17 January 2018, and look forward to meeting you there. 


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Agenda 2018

The 2018 agenda will address: ''Embracing the challenge of oversupply through diversification of basic derivatives and downstream market integration''


Conference Day 1: Tuesday 16 January

Registration and refreshments
Welcome and chairman’s opening remarks
Asian economics: a closer look at the current developments and future market outlook
  • Asia’s overall contribution to the global market upsurge
  • Region in focus: key countries driving growth in South East Asia
  • What are the leading industry sectors in Asia?
  • The purchasing power of people and consumer behaviour
Kunal Agrawal, Senior Industry Analyst, Asia-Pacific Oil & Gas, Bloomberg Intelligence
A period of challenge and opportunity: Indonesia's market outlook
  • Where will palm production volume go?: domestic and export market analysis
  • Spotlight on Indonesian oleochemicals: competition and opportunities in the industry
  • Downstream business integration and other growth strategies amidst overcapacity
Steve Goei, Managing Director, Surya Borneo Industri
Refreshment break and networking
Will palm oil industry continue to reign as one of Malaysia’s economic pillars?
  • Malaysia palm oil industry analysis with special focus on oleochemicals
  • Managing overcapacity in the palm refining industry - what are the effects?
  • Malaysia's palm market outlook: where will it go in the next 5-10 years?
PR Thakore, Chief Executive Officer, IFFCO (S.E.A) Sdn Bhd
Exploring the product derivatives of fatty acids to combat oversupply and promote innovation
  • Global current market trends and future capacity of fatty acids
  • Margin optimization through downstream investments
  • Beyond traditional applications: examining value additions to fatty acids
S. Hariharsubramanian, Vice President, VVF Ltd
Turning challenge to opportunity: the future of glycerine market in Asia
  • Creating value from a by-product: glycerine application markets
  • A comparative outlook: uses of crude glycerine from biodiesel versus other sources
  • New technology - what can glycerine replace in the synthetic world?  
Lunch and networking
Global perspectives: rapeseed and soybean in the world of oleochemicals
  • Key market segments
  • Understanding the cost drivers of rapeseed and soybean markets
  • The rise of Argentina and Brazil’s soybean production and its effect on supply and demand dynamics
  • Biodiesel in the West: how are rapeseed and soybean competing with palm?
Dr Julian Conway McGill, Head of South East Asia, LMC International
PANEL DISCUSSION: Will Asia follow the lead or not? Examining natural and synthetic routes to making fatty alcohols
  • A comparative outlook: is there a difference in performance between natural and synthetic-made fatty alcohols?
  • How does declining crude oil prices affect the Asian fatty alcohol markets?
  • What’s the difference on cost and margin between these two production routes?
  • What is Asia’s priority – Environmental standards or customers buying ability?
Dr. Zainab Idris, Director-Advanced Oleochemical Technology, Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Jackie Wong, Markets Reporter, ICIS
Refreshment break and networking
Certifications standards and its role towards sustainability
  • Outlining the RSPO regulations and principles
  • Looking ahead – how will the EU’s call for a single international palm oil standard transform market dynamics?
Gayathri Velayutham , Outreach and Engagement Manager, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)
How will the market dynamics of coconut oil and oleochemicals in the Philippines contribute to Asian growth?
  • Industry overview
  • Prospects:  food or non-food, coconut oil or palm kernel oil?
  • Market drivers and restraints
  • Looking ahead: basic oleochemicals and derivatives from coconut oil in the Philippines
Marco Reyes, Managing Director, Hancole Corporation
Close of conference day one

Conference Day 2: Wednesday 17 January

Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
How long will uncertainty take its toll on the biodiesel market?
  • Demand outlook: spotlight on Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand markets
  • US anti-dumping duties and its implication on Asian biodiesel market
  • Future capacity – what will drive the biodiesel production?
Paulus Tjakrawan, Vice Chairperson, Indonesian Biofuel Producers Association (IBPA)
China as a key demand market and its overall impact on Asian oleochemicals
  • China’s growing economy – what does it mean for the oleochemical industry?
  • Will more stringent environmental standards translate to demand for natural feedstocks?
  • The rise of cheaper local personal care brands – will they make or break the global oleochemical market?
Kaushal Mathur, Principal Consultant, Frost & Sullivan
Refreshment break and networking
The rapid growth of India in the oleochemicals business
  • Industrial application – a key driver of growth?
  • How will tax implementation streamline the oleochemical industry – examining GST and other tax duties in India
  • Establishing strategic growth in the downstream business through vertical integration
Sadanand Palnitkar, Asst. Vice President - Marketing, Godrej Industries Limited
Application markets: how will the surfactants business in Asia uplift oleochemical demand?
  • Key ingredients in personal and home care products – how do they contribute to the oleochemical market?
  • Growth potential on niche market applications
  • Asian customers’ preference – green label or price to pay?
Chairman’s closing remarks
Lunch and end of conference
2018 Speakers 

The ICIS Asian Oleochemicals Conference  agenda annually features a cutting edge speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world.

 Oleochemical experts are here.
Sutharee Kiatman, Engineer, Professional Level, Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited
 Enlightening and informative.
Henry Greeff, Director , Basic Chemical Solutions a Univar Company
 Nice deliberations and very informative.
Dr Amit Pratap, Associate Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology
 Excellent platform for knowledge & networking! 
Rahul Sewak, Head of Marketing, Ishaan Oleo & Agri Resources
 Good networking & helps understanding future of oleochemicals industry.
Balasubramanian M Iyer, SA & SEA – EO&O Sales Manager , Johnson Matthey
 A useful overview of the current state of the Oleochemicals industry.
Caroline Midgley, Director of Biofuels & Oleochemicals Research, LMC International Ltd
 Great and informative conferences.
Nattakul Pornteparak, Asst. Marketing Manager (Export), Thai Glycerine Co.,Ltd.
 Interesting and being kept updated on present and future developments.
Hector Maduro, Commercial manager, Vopak Terminal Vlaardingen B.V.

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