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Singapore is the place to be in May as the industry’s key players gather together to hear the latest market intelligence and do business.

There is much to offer delegates at the 11th ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference:  
  • The best networking in the regional calendar - Up to 250 delegates from around the world and throughout the lubricants value chain will attend the conference, making it the ideal event to extend and renew your contacts. 
  • Expert Mandarin-English translation - Attend the high-level speaker sessions confident you can gain the full information 
  • Special seminar devoted to the Chinese base oils and lubricants landscape
                     • An outlook for the Chinese economy and macro trends
                     • Vehicle population and demographics
                     • Evolving engine specifications in China
                     • Potential demand growth in base oils and lubricants
                     • China’s base oil supply landscape
                     • The naphthenics market in China
  • Expert speaker program highlighting key global and regional drivers - Industry thought leaders and acknowledged experts sharing their insights
PLUS: Networking breakfasts, breaks, lunches, drinks reception and exhibition. 

Conference Day 1: Wednesday 17 May

Registration and refreshments


Opening remarks from the Moderators
The ‘new normal’ in the geopolitical lansdcape and impact on Asian trade flows
  • A new regime in the US is looking more protectionist
  • How will this impact US-Asia trade flows?
  • What is the outlook for US-China trade?
Jonathan Berkshire Miller, International Affairs Fellow, COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS
Changing supply landscape and impact on Asian markets
  • Overview of global capacity developments 
  • Significance of cargoes from the Middle East, US and Europe entering the region
  • How is the local market reacting and realigning?
  • Potential destination for domestic production
CDU, VGO and the feedstock situation
  • Clarity on refinery decisions – what decides shutdowns and turnarounds?
  • Current supply situation for the key feedstocks
  • Where globally can you find UCO and VGO?
Subhasis Bhattacharya, Base Oil Technology Manager, CHEVRON LUMMUS GLOBAL
Refreshment break and networking

The move from Group I – Group II in Asia
  • What is the pace of the industry shift in Asia
  • What are the implications for approvals and performance?
  • How good is Group II in industrial applications?
  • An update on Pertamina's projects in Indonesia
Speaker from PERTAMINA
A focus on Group III and Group IV in the Asia-Pacific region
  • What is the uptake of Group III in the region?
  • Is SE and NE Asian refinery capacity adequate to meet demand in the region?
  • Is the Group III available suitable to meet the latest industry performance requirements
  • Group III opportunities
Lunch and networking

Trends in shipping and global trade flows
  • Supply/demand balance in the shipping market
  • Outlook and health of the global market
  • A focus on Asia
  • Shipping trade flows for base oils and lubricants
Caroline Huot, Global Head Lubricants , COCKETT MARINE OIL GROUP
Brightstock alternatives in marine lubricants
  • Key developments in marine lubricants
  • 2020 is a landmark date for reductions in sulphur content for marine fuel and oils
  • How viable are brightstock alternatives in marine applications?
Refreshment break and networking

Prospects for development and growth in India
  • The pace of change in India has been phenomenal
  • The impact of leaping from Bharat IV to Bharat VI emission norms
  • Will the rate of change be impeded by demonetization?
  • Trade flows with the rest of Asia
The role of oleochemistry in the lubricants value chain
  • Uses of natural oils in fuels, lubes, greases and additives
  • Drivers, legislation and trends in bio-degradeable lubricants
  • Value proposition and barriers to use of oleochemicals in lubricants
ChoonWai How, Senior Manager, Wilmar, WILMAR INTERNATIONAL GROUP
Close of Day One

Conference Day 2: Thursday 18 May

Opening remarks from the Moderators
Asian demand patterns and growth markets
  • Identifying countries showing healthy demand growth
  • Where is it in decline?
  • A focus on SE Asia and growth opportunities
An OEM perspective
  • The end-customer view on latest engine developments and the lubricant performance required. 
  • Lubricant specifications to meet environmental and fuel economy commitments
  • What are the essential qualities demanded for lubricant performance?
Speaker from HINO MOTORS
Refreshment break and networking

Latest industry specifications in HD and PCMO vehicles
  • The latest situation in key specifications for Asia
  • Will some be in play faster than others?
  • Importance of fuel economy regulations in HD vehicles
  • Implications for the lubricants industry and base oil production
Speaker from Lubrizol
Disruptive technology: Electric cars and increasing oil drain intervals
  • Realistic implementation and uptake of electric cars over next 5-10 years 
  • Challenges to automotive lubricant players with longer drain intervals
  • Impact on base oils and lubricants
Best practice in bulk liquid supply chain logistics
  • Introduction to Shipping Base Oils & Lubricants in Bulk using Flexitank
  • Efficiencies in packaging at the point of sale (filling from bulk to retail packs in the country of sale)
  • Environment and quality packaging (HSE zero defects)
  • Cost economies and savings in Bulk Liquid packaging
  • Industry associations such as CEFIC, COA & other certifications. All are trying to raise the quality standards in the interest of safety
Closing remarks from the Chair
Lunch and end of conference


The 2017 seminar will take place before the conference on Tuesday 16 May 2017. 

The changing market landscape in China

Significant market shifts prompt a reappraisal of the world’s second largest lubricants market

A very good overview of the diverse markets in Asia
Milind Phadke, Director, Energy, KLINE & CO
I certainly benefitted from the event for networking and learning. It is a well organized conference filled with outstanding speakers and insightful material.
Dian Andyasuri, Indonesia Lubricant General Manager, PT SHELL INDONESIA
Shekhar Dhir, Regional Manager, SBC PETROCHEMICAL PTE LTD

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