The 11th ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Seminar The 11th ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants Conference :: Seminar

Pre-Conference Seminar - 16 May 2017

The changing market landscape in China 

China’s massive market potential and continued (albeit lower) growth means it still exerts a massive influence on Asian and global trade. In 2017, we dedicate a whole afternoon to Chinese base oils and lubricants markets in the day preceding the main conference. You will hear experts examining in depth the drivers and supply/demand balances for the world’s 3rd largest lubricants market, and opportunities for the future.

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13:30 Registration and refreshments


Welcome and opening remarks from the Chair


An outlook for the Chinese economy and macro trends

  • Can we gain a realistic picture of GDP growth?
  • Societal changes impacting consumer demand
  • Taxation and tariffs



 Vehicle population and demographics 

  • Latest information on China’s Vehicle Parc - HD and PCMO
  • Will environmental regulations inhibit the rise of car sales?
  • The government is actively pursuing environmentally friendly policies – will this encourage electric and hybrid vehicles?

MIN JIETest Research Dept. Vice Department Manager, 
Tianjin SwARC Automotive Research Laboratory Co., Ltd


Engine specifications in China

  • Which specifications will China follow?
  • Domestic car manufacturers are developing their own specifications
  • Can they avoid the pitfalls of other regions?
  • Impact on base oils and lubricants

ZUNMIN ZHAO, Regional Business manager, Engine Oils, China, LUBRIZOL

15:45 Refreshment break


China’s base oil supply landscape

  • An update on status of domestic production
  • Assessing the impact of the production on stream in 2016 
  • Will planned future production happen?
  • Can China’s domestic supply fulfil its needs? 

WHITNEY SHISenior Industry Analyst, ICIS CHINA


Potential demand growth for base oils and lubricants

  • Future expectations for lubricant demand growth
  • Outlook for the auto and industrial sector
  • Impact on base oil production


17:00 Review and close of seminar


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