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Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Y.P.Rao joined Gulf Oil in 2004 and has over 33 years of experience in Oil Industry. As Head of Global Technology of Gulf Oil International, Dr. Rao is responsible for Product Development, OEM coordination and Technical Services. At Gulf Oil, Dr Rao along with his team is responsible for revision of entire product portfolio, development of around 1200 product formulations and obtaining around 500 approvals from Global OEMs/API/NMMA/JASO etc. Also responsible for establishing India's first long life HDDEOs and MCOs and facilitating various commercial tie-ups with major OEMs in commercial vehicle segment from both Global and local OEMs for Factory Fill and/or Service Fill. 
Prior to joining Gulf Oil, Dr. Rao spent over 21 years in the second largest national oil company in India, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (Fortune 500 company) and last 3 years of that stint was as Head of Technical Department responsible for Product Development, OEM co-ordination, Technical Services and Quality Assurance. During that stint he was responsible for development of various product formulations and organizing major OEM tie-ups including the first branded fuel in India and also first indigenous genuine oil formulation for the country’s largest Motor Cycle Manufacturer.
He is a member various professional bodies like SAE, ACS, NLGI, STLE and member of Board of Directors of NLGI-India Chapter. He has been serving as a Convener of National Technical Committee in India (Bureau of Indian Standards) responsible for formulation of specifications of Automotive, Aviation and Industrial Fuels for over 20 years. 
Dr. Rao earned his Master of Science in Chemistry from Andhra University, Waltair and Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in Thermodynamics.
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