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Navigating a challenging landscape through new developments and investment opportunities


The African market has had its fair share of challenges over the years but with opportunities arising and never more so than now, Africa is ready for the next big push. With a continued move towards Group II, new regulations and a desperate need for both improvement in available infrastructure as well as new investments. How will these effect the African market going forward? 

The 6th ICIS African Base Oils and Lubricants Conference will once again be the must-attend event for those both working and interested in working in the African market. With an afternoon seminar and two days of conference, this event will provide the necessary answers to the industry essential questions.
New for 2017  

  • New location "Accra, Ghana": the event will be taking place for the first time in West Africa bringing in a different regional perspective while also attracting representation from throughout the African continent
  • Seminar focusing on the need for quality control vs cost in the African lubricant market
  • Updates on the African base oils and lubricants market in 2017 including an exclusive look at investments opportunities, ensuring supply and insights into the Nigerian market
  • Macroeconomic global outlook and regional focus



The 2017 conference speaker program will look at "Navigating a challenging landscape through new developments and investment opportunities".

Conference Day 1: Wednesday 1 November

Registration and Refreshments
Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
Cliff Classen, Managing Director, Orbichem Petrochemical Pty
Macroeconomic global outlook and regional focus on Africa
  • Global macroeconomic effect on the African market
  • How has the market recovered from the recession – are we seeing the market stabilise?
  • How much has the economy affected the potential growth of the market?
  • How are companies navigating the difficult economic situation?
  • Looking towards the future, what will it look like?
Spotlight on the African base oil market in 2017
Wai-Fong Chen, Base Oils Product Manager (AP & AMEP), Chevron Base Oils
Refreshment break and networking
The move from Group I to Group II: Are we there yet?
  • How close is Africa to moving into a Group II dominated market and what will drive this shift over the next couple of years?
  • Importing Group II into Africa – Where will the product be coming from?
  • The role of the Middle East
  • Is there a future for Group II refineries in the region?
Spotlight on the East African lubricant industry - Opportunities and challenges in a price conscious market
Khan Kassam , Managing Director, PETROLUBE
Lunch and networking
Ensuring supply in Africa: Logistical Challenges facing the African base oils and lubricants market
  • Current regulatory environment
  • Logistical challenges facing the African market
  • Overview of growing usage of flexitanks 
  • Pros & cons of flexitanks vs other transport methods
  • Future developments 
Valerie Guede, Regional Manager West Africa , TRANS OCEAN BULK LOGISTICS
Independent lubricant blenders perspective: Maintaining a competitive edge
  • With a lack of infrastructure, how are they dealing with a potential lack of access to raw materials?
  • Maintaining quality in an ever-competitive world – How important is this vs the cost?
  • Are there areas in the market where independent blenders have the advantage and what is driving this?
  • What is differentiating the independent blenders from the larger multinationals? Do end users play any role in this?
Refreshment break and networking
An exclusive insight into the Nigerian market: Should the region be following in its footsteps?
  • Volatility in oil prices and devaluing of currencies – the key to local lubricant growth?
  • How successful have government regulations proved? Is this a model that should be replicated throughout the region?
OEM technological advances and the growth in demand for higher quality products
  • How are the OEMs driving the demand for higher quality products – What are they looking for?
  • The role of the auto manufacturer in driving the industry – How much of an influence do they have in helping bring about change?
  • With a large proportion of vehicles on the road being second-hand, lubrication drains are more frequent. Is this the perfect opportunity for growth in the Nigerian lubricants industry?
Close of conference day one

Conference Day 2: Thursday 2 November

Welcome and Chairman’s opening remarks
Synthetic lubricants: How far is the African market from being ready?
  • With Africa as one of the regions expected to show the most growth in market share in the next 3 years – where is this growth coming from?
  • How much is consumer understanding of the synthetics market driving this potential demand?
  • The role of pricing and how this is expected to influence potential growth going forward
Mervin Naidu, Business Development Manager, UNICHEM
High Performance greases for the African Market
Anoop Kumar , Director R&D and Business Development, ROYAL
Refreshment break and networking
Additives for the African market
  • How does the African additives market differ from the rest of the world? – looking at unique challenges to the African market
  • Dealing with counterfeit products making their way in the market. How to detect them?
  • What are governments doing to ensure that quality is maintained in the market?
  • Locally produced vs. imported? – How much of a market share do African additive companies have and is this likely to grow in the next few years? 
  • Trends in additives – what effects are these having in the finished products?
Gerard Mohamed, Technical Sales Manager, MULTISOL
North Africa – a lubricant marketer’s perspective
  • Moving away from Sub- Saharan Africa - looking at the potential for growth in the region?
  • Increased need for grease in potential growing industries
  • Egypt – looking at the growth potential in the country. Is this the next  leading African lubricant market?
Rami Al Kinanny, General Manager, HITECH OILS & GREASE
Chairman’s closing remarks
Lunch and end of conference

Pre Conference Seminar
This year the pre-conference seminar will be focusing on "Cost versus Quality in the African market". Click on the button below to view the full agenda.

The ICIS African Base Oils & Lubricants Conference agenda will include senior industry experts from some of the largest and highest profile companies in the base oils and lubricants market. The full speaker line up will be published shortly. Confirmed speakers to date include: 

 Very well organised conference, with very good speakers and topics. 
Manager, Engen Petroleum Ltd
Senior Manager, Eskom
 Very informative content about African market.
Managing Director, Taj Al Mulo Oil
 I really enjoyed the broad range of topics. 
Advisor, Eskom
 Highly informative topics presented by subject matter experts.
Technical Sales Manager, Multisol South Africa

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