5th ICIS World Surfactants Conference
New technologies, new applications, new partnerships
May 14 - 15 2015
Hyatt Regency Jersey City, USA
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Day 1 - Thursday 14 May 2015


Registration and networking


Chair’s opening remarks

Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC

Revealing the results of the global surfactants survey

  • Analysing the data from the first global surfactants industry survey
  • Exploring trends across the surfactants value chain
  • Understanding how different sectors of the value chain view the industry
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC

Keynote presentation: An outlook for the global surfactants industry: a surfactant producer’s perspective

Laurent Thomas, VP Strategic Marketing, Solvay

The role of petrochemical and oleochemical based surfactants in today’s markets

  • Industry overview: offering a perspective on supply and demand dynamics
  • Key buying factors: cost, performance, sustainability
  • A view of the future
Eric Stouder, Vice President - Organics, SASOL

Morning refreshments and networking

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The retailer perspective on the consumer goods supply chain

  • Omnichannel and the changing retail landscape
  • Agility, flexibility, responsiveness
  • Addressing sustainability demands
  • Meeting customer needs
Jess Dankert, Senior Director of Retail Operations , RETAIL INDUSTRY LEADERS ASSOCIATION (RILA)

Oil price volatility: effect on EO and the overall detergent business

Neha Dhanik, Consultant - Energy & Chemicals, NEXANT

An outlook for the global Fatty Alcohols industry

  • Exploring global capacities of natural alcohols
  • Oleochemicals and synthetics - impact of rapid range in oil and energy markets
  • Understanding the requirements producers must meet to satisfy the needs for sustainable oleochemical-based surfactants
Martin Herrington, President, North America, IP SPECIALITIES

Lunch and networking


Shedding light on the Chinese surfactants market

  • Examining surfactants production in China: can domestic supply meet current demand?
  • Analysing the country’s slowing economic growth: how are key surfactant downstream markets being affected?
  • Will surfactants demand also slow?
  • Gauging the potential impact on global market dynamics
Li Yubo, Vice President, JIAHUA CHEMICALS INC

Explaining the latest technology in surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  • Back to basics: how are surfactants used in chemical enhanced oil recovery?
  • Explaining how the surfactant technology differs to that of other surfactant uses
  • Shedding light on the latest developments in EOR surfactant technology
  • What opportunities are there for suppliers to the industry?
Paul Berger, VP/Technical Director, OIL CHEM TECHNOLOGIES INC

Exploring new applications for surfactants: hydraulic fracturing

  • Explaining the historical demand for surfactants in extracting shale gas
  • How does the hydraulic fracturing work?
  • Describing the requirements for surfactants in this application
  • Market mapping: who are the key surfactant players in this field? What are the opportunities for newcomers?
John Chisholm, President & CEO, FLOTEK

Afternoon refreshments

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Tracking surfactant demand in traditional end-use markets


Applying science to formulate functional and practical ready-to-use sustainable intermediate concentrates for home care product manufacturers

  • Designing formulations from fundamental parameters (CMC, minimal surface tension, synergy parameters, wettability, etc.)
  • Brazilian market, trends, needs and consumer habits
  • Liquid concentrates for laundry, dishwashing, hard surface cleaners, disinfectant and fabric softeners
  • Explaining the Brazilian formulary
  • Cases of success
Ricardo Pedro, R&D Director, Courtesy of SINERGIA QUIMICA, on behalf of SURFACHEM BRASIL LTDA

The innovation challenge in household cleaning: how suppliers can help

  • Trends in household cleaning consumer behavior
  • Highlighting regulatory considerations
  • Analyzing marketplace changes
  • Partnering for win-win
Nancy Falk, Associate Research Fellow, CLOROX

Close of Day 1


Drinks Reception

Day 2 - Friday 15 May 2015


Chair’s opening statement


Highlighting demand dynamics for specialty surfactants


How suppliers can support innovation in the global consumer products sector

Thomas Mueller-Kirschbaum, Corporate Senior Vice President of Laundry & Home Care, Research & Development, HENKEL AG

Surfactants in agriculture: shedding light on opportunities for producers

  • The market for surfactants in agriculture
  • Assessing the role of surfactants in the application of pesticides
  • EPA and other regulatory issues related to the use of surfactants in agriculture
  • Gauging surfactant needs for the future
  • Sourcing information on surfactants in agriculture
Allen K Underwood, Founder, UNDERWOOD & ASSOCIATES

Explaining the role of surfactants in coating technologies

  • Highlighting the diversity of surfactant technologies needed for coating applications
  • What are the main characteristics of surfactants for coatings? How does the production process differ?
  • Assessing the surfactant industry’s response to these requirements
  • Shedding light on the key companies in the market and openings for new players
Richard Flecksteiner, Polymer Scientist, OMNOVA

Beauty and Personal Care Trends and Forecast for Turkey

  • Demand and supply projection and key growth sector
  • Emerging trends and applications
  • Trends in Consumers' behaviour and expectations


Beyza Kapu, Chief Marketing Officer, L'OREAL TURKEY

Morning refreshments and networking

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Africa: the new frontier for surfactant suppliers?

  • Analysing the market for surfactants in South African home and personal care industries with a secondary focus on nearby SSA countries
  • Surfactants market mapping: who are the key players in the South African market
  • Surfactant market drivers and restraints, trends and expected growth to 2020
  • Opportunities for suppliers to the region and expansion in SSA
Avril Harvey, Programme Manager, Africa - Chemicals, Materials and Food, FROST & SULLIVAN

Overcoming logistical challenges

  • Examining the global shipping picture and highlighting changes to shipping routes
  • Panama Canal expansion update: will the project finish on time?
  • Assessing the impact of this expansion on global trade: is it likely to reduce bottlenecks?
  • Focus on the US: Analysing the current infrastructure picture
  • Addressing  ship and truck availability: how is this affecting freight rates?
Warren Hoppmeyer, Senior Director, Sales, TRANSPLACE

Investigating the impacts of mergers and acquisitions on the surfactants market

  • Evaluating the current state of the market
  • Highlighting key partnerships that have emerged  in recent years
  • M&A: a growing trend? Where is this market going?
  • Offering a view of the future surfactants landscape: highlighting the potential for further M&A
David Duke, Managing Director, Industrials Investment Banking, CARY STREET PARTNERS LLC

Chair’s closing statement


Lunch and close of conference

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.

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