5th ICIS World Surfactants Conference
New technologies, new applications, new partnerships
May 14 - 15 2015
Hyatt Regency Jersey City, USA
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Day 1 - Thursday 14 May 2015


Registration and networking


Chair’s opening remarks: a review of the last 12 months

Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC

Keynote presentation: An outlook for the global surfactants industry: a surfactant producer’s perspective


Assessing the global feedstocks landscape: synthetic v natural

  • Offering a global overview of feedstock availability: natural and synthetic
  • How have synthetic and natural feedstock prices tracked against each other in the last year?
  • Will the abundance of natural gas in the US ensure an advantage to surfactants producers in this region?
  • Explaining the impact feedstock choice has on the surfactant technology
  • Cost v sustainability: understanding what is driving surfactant producers’ procurement strategies 

Explaining green choices : a downstream perspective

  • Explaining procurement decisions of large retailers when fulfilling their sustainability strategy
  • Exploring the psychology of the ‘green shopper’
  • Removing the confusion of green labelling: which certification has most weight for consumers?
  • Will there be a move towards one industry standard?

Morning refreshments and networking


Addressing challenges in the EO supply chain

  • Highlighting planned expansions in the global EO industry
  • Analysing the statuses of new and on-going projects in the Gulf region 
  • Will these new capacities meet demand?
  • Assessing EO demand from other industries: what share of global EO volumes is destined for the surfactants market?
  • Understanding how US regulations on chemical transportation are affecting EO supply
William L Tittle, Principal, Energy and Chemicals Advisory, NEXANT

Shedding light on the Chinese surfactants market

  • Examining surfactants production in China: can domestic supply meet current demand?
  • Analysing the country’s slowing economic growth: how are key surfactant downstream markets being affected?
  • Will surfactants demand also slow?
  • Gauging the potential impact on global market dynamics

Explaining the latest technology in surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  • Back to basics: how are surfactants used in chemical enhanced oil recovery?
  • Explaining how the surfactant technology differs to that of other surfactant uses
  • Shedding light on the latest developments in EOR surfactant technology
  • What opportunities are there for suppliers to the industry?

Oil and gas: a good investment for surfactant producers?

  • How has surfactant demand for oil and gas applications increased in recent years?
  • Plotting future industry growth
  • Understanding the production landscape for industrial surfactants: how much vertical integration is there in the oil and gas industry?
  • What are oil & gas companies looking for when procuring from surfactants producers?



Exploring new applications for surfactants: hydraulic fracturing

  • Explaining the growing demand for surfactants in extracting shale gas
  • How does the process work?
  • Describing the requirements for surfactants in this application
  • Market mapping: who are the key surfactant players in this field? What are the opportunities for newcomers?

Afternoon refreshments


Tracking surfactant demand in traditional end-use markets


Applying science to formulate functional and practical ready-to-use sustainable intermediate concentrates for home care product manufacturers

  • Designing formulations from fundamental parameters (CMC, minimal surface tension, synergy parameters, wettability, etc.)
  • Brazilian market, trends, needs and consumer habits
  • Liquid concentrates for laundry, dishwashing, hard surface cleaners, disinfectant and fabric softeners
  • Explaining the Brazilian formulary
  • Cases of success
Ricardo Pedro, R&D Director, SURFACHEM

Analysing demand from the US home and personal care markets

  • Assessing growth in the US HPC market: is this likely to continue to be the biggest end-use market for surfactants?
  • Explaining the latest consumer trends
  • Evaluating the increasingly important role of fragrance: how are surfactant manufacturers meeting these requirements? 

Close of Day 1

Day 2 - Friday 15 May 2015


Chair’s opening statement


Highlighting demand dynamics for specialty surfactants


Surfactants in agriculture: shedding light on opportunities for producers

  • What are the main applications for surfactants in the agriculture industry?
  • Evaluating the percentage of surfactants that end up in this industry
  • Plotting the competitive landscape: who are the key players?
  • Predicting future demand from the agricultural sector: what is driving demand?
  • Pinpointing opportunities for new entrants

Explaining the role of surfactants in coating technologies

  • Highlighting the diversity of surfactant technologies needed for coating applications
  • What are the main characteristics of surfactants for coatings? How does the production process differ?
  • Assessing the surfactant industry’s response to these requirements
  • Shedding light on the key companies in the market and openings for new players

Identifying new markets for surfactant supply

  • Pinpointing emerging markets: Russia, Eastern Europe and India
  • Explaining the current make-up of these markets
  • How are downstream industries developing and which are seeing most growth?
  • Assessing the supply picture: domestic production or import dependent?
  • How can global surfactant producers take advantage of opportunities in these regions?

Morning refreshments and networking


Africa: the new frontier for surfactant suppliers?

  • Analysing the current market for home, personal and beauty products
  • Market mapping: who are the key players in this market
  • How is demand from this industry like to grow over the next 10 years?
  • Exploring the opportunities for surfactants suppliers to this region

Overcoming logistical challenges

  • Examining the global shipping picture and highlighting changes to shipping routes
  • Panama Canal expansion update: will the project finish on time?
  • Assessing the impact of this expansion on global trade: is it likely to reduce bottlenecks?
  • Focus on the US: Analysing the current infrastructure picture
  • Addressing  ship and truck availability: how is this affecting freight rates?



Assessing market consolidation through mergers and acquisitions

  • Evaluating the current state of the market
  • Highlighting key partnerships that have emerged  in recent years
  • M&A: a growing trend? Where is this market going?
  • Offering a view of the future surfactants landscape: highlighting the potential for further M&A

Chair’s closing statement


Lunch and close of conference

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.
Co-produced by:
  • Neil Burns
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