10th ICIS World Olefins Conference
Regaining market balance and maintaining competitiveness in a gas-based petrochemical landscape
11 March 2015
Hotel Metropole, Brussels, Belgium
Countdown to the event

Wednesday 11 March 2015


Registration and networking


Chair’s opening address

Barry Hurley, Director, BHA LTD

A global overview of the olefins production landscape

  • Explaining current production: which regions are increasing capacity and which are shutting down?
  • Highlighting new planned projects and estimating timelines for start-up
  • Exploring the impact of increased regional production on global market dynamics
  • Drawing comparisons: how has the production landscape changed in the last five years? How might it look in the next five years?
Thomas Rings, Partner, AT KEARNEY

Global economic outlook: A positive future?

  • Examining the current economic landscape: is the situation for Europe and the US likely to improve in the near future?
  • Is emerging market growth recovering, and if so, by how much?
  • Pinpointing which regions will see the most rapid growth
  • Analysing recovery in the main end-use industries: packaging and automotive
  • How is this impacting demand for plastic products?
Dr Alexander Keller, Partner (Dusseldorf office), ROLAND BERGER STRATEGY CONSULTANTS

Maintaining Europe’s competitiveness in a gas-based world

  • Highlighting opportunities for Europe amidst increased natural gas availability globally
  • Analysing the European ethylene market: current capacities and future plans
  • Will ethane imports from the US provide a new feedstock for European crackers?
  • Working the advantage: will the continent benefit from the global shortage of C3s & C4s?
Dorothee Arns, Executive Director, Petrochemicals and Plastic Additives Programme, CEFIC

Morning refreshments


Assessing the impact of shipping and logistics bottlenecks on the global olefins market dynamics

  • Addressing ship availability: will there be enough vessels to cope with increased volumes of ethane and propane?
  • Which ships are being built and what sizes?
  • Timing of ships coming into the market and fleet development
  • Assessing current infrastructure: is Europe ready to receive imports from the US?
  • The pull for propane and ethane from Asia as well as Europe: can the infrastructure on supply and receiving ends meet the possible volume demands?
Gina Fyffe, Executive Director, INTEGRA

Exploring China’s olefins production landscape

  • Examining current and future capacities in China: which planned projects will actually go ahead?
  • Highlighting the latest developments in coal-to-olefins production: will it compete with US shale gas?
  • How will increased production in this region impact global trade dynamics?
  • Assessing the effect of new environmental regulations in China: will the drive to reduce emissions impact the petrochemicals industry?

Shedding light on the Russian olefins market

  • Examining olefins production in Russia (C2, C3 & C4)
  • Dynamics and analysis of the Russian olefins market: output, consumption, imports
  • Anlaysing price dynamics over the last two years
  • Assessing future supply and demand
Natalie Otroschenko, Analyst, CHEMCOURIER

Lunch and networking


Exploring developments in global propylene market dynamics

  • Gauging propylene capacities globally
  • How have these changed since the move towards gas cracking?
  • Analysing demand drivers
  • Can on-purpose production bridge the supply gap created by increased ethane cracking?
  • Developments in PDH plants in China: how will excess capacities of propylene impact on the European market?
Richard Roudeix, Olefins Europe & President France, LYONDELLBASELL

Addressing challenges in global butadiene and derivatives markets

  • Evaluating the impact of increased gas cracking on BD production
  • Will Europe find itself at an advantage by continuing to crack naphtha?
  • Assessing downstream demand for butadiene: which industries are driving this demand?
  • Exploring the latest developments in on-purpose butadiene: will this fill the supply gap?
  • An outlook for the global butadiene market: how will it fare over the next five years?
William Cameron, Senior Consultant, Energy & Chemicals Advisory, NEXANT

Afternoon refreshments


Still riding the shale gas wave? Assessing the latest developments in the US olefins market

  • Shedding light on planned shale development projects and clarifying timelines
  • Analysing the competitiveness of the US: is it experiencing a gas boom? Why, and how long will it last?
  • Can the US gas market remain competitive against falling oil prices?
  • What is available from the US natural gas market to export?
  • Exploring the latest in shale gas developments
James A Tramuto, Vice President Governmental & Regulatory Strategies, SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY

Olefins Price Risk Management

  • Overview and recent development of Olefins Price Risk Management
  • What Olefins can be hedged?
  • Instruments used for price risk management
Olivier Treuer, Executive Director, MORGAN STANLEY

Chair’s closing statement

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.
  • Executive Director, Petrochemicals and Plastic Additives Programme
    Dorothee Arns, a German national, completed her university studies in Saarbruecken (Germany), ...more
  • Executive Director
    Gina’s career in petrochemicals spans the last 35+ years. She spent 10 years at Exxon Ch...more
  • Director
    Barry Hurley is the Managing Director of BHA Limited, an independent advisor for the petrochemica...more
  • Partner
    Roland Berger Strategy Consultants GmbH
    Dr. Alexander Keller studied Chemistry at the Technical University of Karlsruhe and Business a...more
  • Analyst
    Mr. Quliang graduated from Tianjin University with a master degree in chemical Engineering. He...more
  • Analyst
    Natalie Otroschencko as born on 25 February 1981 in Ukraine. A Graduate in Philology, she join...more
  • no photo
    Partner, Global Head of Chemicals, Oil and Gas Practice
    A. T. Kearney
    After finalizing his academic education with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering fro...more
  • no photo
    Partner, Global Head of Chemicals, Oil and Gas Practice
    A. T. Kearney
    After finalizing his academic education with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering fro...more
  • Olefins Europe & President France
    Richard is currently responsible for LyondellBasell’s Olefins business for Europe and th...more
  • Group Procurement Director, Food & Consumer
  • Vice President Governmental & Regulatory Strategies
    James A. Tramuto is vice president of governmental and regulatory strategies for Southwestern ...more
  • Executive Director
    Global Petrochemical Derivatives Origination, Marketing and TradingOlivier Treuer joined ...more
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"Excellent overview of Olefins markets structural changes." GBU Chlor Chemicals President, SOLVAY SA

"The event was very informative and brought very good networking possibilities." Product Manager, HELM AG

"Wide ranging overview of developments shaping the global olefins markets." Business Manager – Americas, C4U TRADE

"An interesting selection of views of wide spread area’s and subjects of the petchem industry."Commercial ManagerUNIGAS RDAM

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