15th World Aromatics & Derivatives Conference

22 - 23 November 2016
Le Meridien, Vienna


The 15th anniversary edition agenda is currently being completed. As in previous year's the conference will deliver up-to-the-minute market analysis.

Please check back soon for the full agenda.

2015 Highlights

Benefit from key insights into the drivers contributing to a low-feed cost scenario and its affect on the aromatics industry
Participate in an interactive panel discussion which will address the key question – Can Europe maintain a competitive position in the global aromatics industry?
Examine the impact of currency volatility on the industry
Understand the economics behind the new supplier landscape in Asia
Determine if the United States’ low cost energy advantage will ensure continuity of its position as an importer of benzene
Receive in-depth market analyses forBenzene, Styrene, Toluene and Paraxylene