12th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils & Lubricants Conference
The Middle East dilemma: The global drive to lower viscosity versus continued demand for heavy basestocks
13 - 14 October 2015
(12th October: Pre-conference Seminar) InterContinental Dubai Festival City, UAE
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The 12th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oil & Lubricants Conference 


As 2015 sees more new projects on the horizon, the Middle East is at the forefront for production of higher quality base oils. Yet this region displays the classic dilemma for many markets:

What does the future hold for Group I and Brightstock in the Middle East?
Where will new production in the region find a home?
How can the tension be solved?

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New for 2015
In-depth pre-conference seminar on re-refined and recycled base oils in the Middle East
Topic: Geopolitical factors impacting the region

Topic: An examination of the greases market

Topic: Bringing clarity to synthetic base oils and lubricants:
Speakers: Arthur D. Little, Axel Chistiernsson, Fuchs Petrolub, Chevron Oronite and AT Kearney

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