3rd ICIS European Surfactants Conference
Understanding the key market drivers, trends, challenges and regulations impacting the region
4th - 5th September 2014, Westin Grand Berlin, Germany
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Day 1 - Thursday 4 September 2014


Registration and refreshments


Welcome from ICIS


Chair's opening remarks

Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC

Algal oil - a sustainable replacement for palm oil?

Tom Domen, Long Term Innovation & Sustainability Manager, ECOVER/METHOD

The European surfactants market: caught between a rock and a hard place?

  • Overview of the current market situation
  • The key challenges posed by operating in a mature market
  • How can Europe compete with the dual challenges posed by the US and Asia?
  • Tackling production overcapacity for surfactants and intermediates
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC

The rise of private label - onwards and upwards?

  • Charting the rise of private label across Europe in the last decade
  • How is this market developing?
  • Where do green/sustainable products fit in the portfolio?
  • What’s next for the industry?
Speaker confirmed



Downstream opportunities and latest developments in EO/PO Clusters

  • Exploring developments in purified EO and PO
  • Explaining how the development of an EO/PO cluster will support local demand for derivatives 
  • Highlighting the incentives available to support investors looking to produce locally
Senior representative, SADARA CHEMICAL COMPANY

Market outlook for LAB

  • The LAB market - global summary
  • When and where is new capacity scheduled to come onstream?
  • Are there any new developments on the horizon?
Joel Houston, President, COLIN A HOUSTON & ASSOCIATES

Overview of the global fatty alcohols market

  • The supply situation for palm oil, PKO and coconut oil
  • Assessing the impact of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines on the fatty alcohols market
  • What is the impact of new duty rules on FAL/oleochemicals starting January 2014?
Dr Caroline Midgley , Director of Bio-based Chemicals Research, LMC INTERNATIONAL



Overview of the cleaning and laundry segment in Europe

  • Outlining trends, drivers and challenges
  • Are there differing requirements between Western and Eastern European markets?
  • What's the trend re volume dosage for consumers?
  • Is added complexity in the value chain through innovations such as pods a sign of things to come?
Peter Reynolds, International Business Analyst, ACNIELSEN

Insights into European consumer behaviour in the beauty and personal care markets

  • Overview of the European beauty and personal care markets
  • Country analysis: Western Europe vs Eastern Europe - trends, challenges, key market drivers
  • What does this mean for surfactants?
John Madden, Global Head of Ingredients Research, EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL



Latest updates on the Russian and CIS surfactants markets

  • The potential growth opportunities - myth or not?
  • Market size by application and technology
  • Are Russian producers looking to expand internationally or remain as domestic producers?
Youry Doudakov, First Deputy of Director General, NORCHEM

Beauty and Personal Care trends and forecast for Turkey

  • Emerging trends and applications
  • Examining trends in consumers behaviour and expectations
Beyza Kapu, Chief Marketing Officer, L'OREAL TURKEY

A perspective on the Polish detergent and personal care market

  • Demand and supply projections
  • What are the key growth sectors?
  • Emerging trends and assessing the potential impact on application requirements
  • Trends in consumers behaviour
Sebastian Budniak, Global Key Account Manager, PCC EXOL

Chair’s closing remarks and end of Day One

Day 2 - Friday 5 September 2014


Chair’s opening remarks and start of Day Two


Retailer requirements: Meeting CSPO targets

  • Outlining the key issues facing retailers as they work towards their targets for certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO)
  • What are the major challenges encountered in working towards meeting our time-bound commitments to sourcing CSPO?
  • Understanding the complexities in the supply chain and solutions to try to overcome them

End user reality: Meeting CSPO targets

  • Why we set the current internal deadline date to source 100% CSPO for our products
  • Outlining the main challenges in meeting this target
  • What are the primary difficulties in sourcing CSPO for the various product supply chains?
  • Which products have the most complex supply chains?

RSPO perspective: Is there enough CSPO to go around?

  • In light of demand for CSPO, is there sufficient volume in the market to meet industry targets?
  • What are the key challenges ahead?
Danielle Morley, European Director of Outreach & Engagement, RSPO



The EU's (legislation on) Cosmetic Products Regulation

  • The regulation's provisions for testing cosmetics and their ingredients
  • Can a REACH safety report be used to meet regulation compliance?
  • Will the industry suffer given that no new animal tested materials can be used?
  • Options for formulators adapting to new legal requirements
Dr Annelie Struessmann, Technical Director, CONUSBAT

Surfactants in borderline products

  • EU legislation for biocides, medical devices, medicinal products and cosmetics
  • A brief outline of each regulatory framework and the key features
  • When do these frameworks apply to surfactants?
  • What information will the client request - how to stay compliant in the face of increasing regulatory demands?

Chair’s closing remarks followed by Lunch


End of conference and Lunch

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.
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