5th ICIS European Chemical Purchasing Conference
Identifying global trends which will influence chemical markets and aid key purchasing decisions
16 April 2015
Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, The Netherlands
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Welcome to The 5th ICIS European Chemical Purchasing Conference

As a purchaser of chemical raw materials do you want to gain more tools, information and industry insights to help you make key purchasing decisions? If the answer is YES, then The 5th ICIS European Chemical Purchasing Conference is especially designed for you.
NEW FOR 2015! 
An in-depth examination of crude oil and the latest situation
Connecting the macro influences to the key chemical value chains
Discover what global trends mean for your business

Addressing the specific challenges facing companies in Europe, or those looking to source from Europe, the conference will offer signposts to guide you through the purchasing landscape.

Key topics include:
What economic factors will influence manufacturing demand in the near-mid term?
What is the picture on global growth, especially in China & India?
Is the fall in oil prices a permanent, structural change?
Will US shale gas find its way to other markets, specifically Europe?
Why OPEC will not cut crude oil production - a perspective
Will Coal to Olefins production in Asia impact global chemical markets?
How do these factors impact the key chemical building blocks - C2, C3, C4, C6 and plastics?
What is the outlook for the European chemical market?
Gaining perspectives on questions such as these can give you an edge in today’s volatile markets. The conference will examine the near term drivers as well as long term trends to 2050, influenced by global mega trends and societal changes. In contrast to this macro element, the program will offer expert outlooks for important chemical sectors to enhance your market knowledge.
Working With ICIS
The 5th ICIS European Chemical Purchasing Conference is produced and delivered by RBI Conferences. As well as producing conferences for ICIS and other high profile brands owned by RBI, we also work with external partners and clients to deliver commercially successful events.
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