5th ICIS European Chemical Purchasing Conference
Identifying global trends which will influence chemical markets and aid key purchasing decisions
16 April 2015
Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre, The Netherlands
Countdown to the event

Thursday 16 April 2015


Registration and refreshments


Welcome and chair’s opening remarks


Macroeconomic and energy sessions
Global trends and drivers influencing the future direction of petrochemicals


An outlook for global and European energy markets

  • Is the fall in crude oil prices a permanent, structural change?
  • An update on shale gas and prospects for LNG imports from the US
  • Are we nearer to full scale shale gas extraction in Europe?
  • Potential impact on petrochemicals


Alan Gelder, Head of EMEARC Refining & Chemicals Research, WOOD MACKENZIE

The New Normal for chemicals purchasing:

  • The end of wishful thinking about permanently high oil prices and endless Chinese growth
  • Today’s energy supply glut and its impact on chemical markets
  • Age range and income levels as the key driver for future corporate growth
Paul Hodges, Chairman, INTERNATIONAL eCHEM

Networking break and refreshments


Changing trends in the European Petrochemical market

  • How are global factors affecting Europe in particular?
  • What is the outlook for European chemical production in today’s scenario
Will Beacham, Deputy Editor and London Bureau Chief, ICIS CHEMICAL BUSINESS

The European chemical purchasing landscape – challenges and opportunities

  • A perspective from a Purchasing specialist
  • How to face current European trading conditions


Marco Hesselink-Kerkvliet, Leading Manager Purchase, Procurement, Internal Logistics & Transport, ELEMENTIS SPECIALTIES

Coal to Olefins in Asia

1. Focus on emerging markets: China and India

  • Drivers and demand growth in China
  • Latest growth forecasts for India and opportunities for chemicals

2. The development of Coal to Olefins in China 

  • How developed is the CTO production?
  • How far is China towards self-sufficiency?
  • Potential impact on petrochemical markets and trade flows


Malini Hariharan, Country Manager, ICIS India

Networking lunch


Key chemical building blocks sessions
Forecasts for the future direction of C2, C3, C6 and plastics value chains. These sessions will focus on European markets against the background of global drivers.


An overview and outlook for olefins

  • The impact of the move to lighter feedstocks
  • Global and European supply/demand balances
  • An examination of the drivers influencing future development
Hendrik Disteldorf, Principal - Global Chemicals Team, AT KEARNEY

Latest developments in plastics and signposts for the future

  • Future trends and drivers for the plastics value chain
  • How demand growth in emerging markets will impact the sector
  • Feedstock implications
  • New product development such as 3D printing
Dr Ulrich Reiners, Managing Director, Executive Packaging

The aromatics value chain

  • The main drivers of global aromatics – upstream and downstream
  • A forecast for BTX globally and a focus on Europe
  • How will the main derivatives such as phenol/acetone perform?


Rhian O’Connor , Senior Markets Editor , ICIS

Networking break and refreshments


The future of flexi tanks in the petrochemical supply chain

  • Strategic/opportunistic sourcing
  • The availability of bulk storage on a ‘give or take basis’
  • Can flexi tanks future proof supply chains?
Mike Williams, Director - Bulk Business Development, TRANS OCEAN BULK LOGISTICS LIMITED - Parf of THE HILLEBRAND GROUP

Crude Oil update: Why Saudi Arabia won’t cut oil production

  • OPEC response to the current situation in context
  • Is there a new price ceiling for the price of oil?
Brian Habacivch, Senior Vice President, Research and Publications, FELLON MCCORD

Chair’s closing remarks


Close of conference

The organisers reserve the right to change the programme, speakers or venue should circumstances require.
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