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Stimulating consumption and securing competitive advantage

As pricing volatility and reduced demand continues to challenge the market, ensuring your competitive advantage becomes ever more paramount to survival and success. Increased awareness and desire for green products provides new opportunities to diversify and meet consumer demands.
The 6th Asian Surfactants Conference will explore how to secure your competitive advantage by exploring:
  • The growing economies for surfactant demand and consumption, providing key insight into major players and commercial opportunities
  • Consumer demand: what is it, how to meet and for what price
  • How pricing volatility has changed the shape of the market and what it means for the supply chain
This year’s conference will continue to provide you essential information on market trends, insights and areas of growth, perspectives from key companies on the industry and their own challenges, and unbeatable networking opportunities. 

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The speaker program will be addressing "Stimulating consumption and securing competitive advantage". 

Conference Day 1: Tuesday 8 November

Chair’s opening remarks
Neil Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC
Global surfactants overview with emphasis on Asian: Analysing factors affecting supply and demand
  • Assessing macro economic trends impacting the industry
  • Examining external factors disrupting the market place
  • Determining surfactant growth segments and key areas for investment
  • What are the latest regulations and how will these impact the surfactants market?
  • Industry forecast for 2017: what should the industry be preparing for?
Chris De lavigne, Principal Advisor, KPMG
Examining the Indian Surfactants market: identifying commercial gains
  • Understanding the Indian supply chain and key market players
  • Mapping key opportunities and areas of demand growth
  • What are the key drivers and constraints in this market?
  • India’s frontiers and goals: Asserting competitive advantage and ensuring market readiness
Sheila Diwan, Business Manager, VVF
Spotlight on China: what is beyond China’s downturn and drop in demand?
  • Assessing key factors influencing China’s slowdown in the surfactant market
  • Evaluating medium to long term prospects to support resilient business planning
  • Exploring China’s move towards coal technology: what does it mean for the synthetic alcohol market globally?
John Richardson, Director, ICIS Asia
Developments and Opportunities for Surfactants in the European Cleaning Products Industry
Dr Peter Smallwood, Consultant, Chemical Associates
Lunch and networking
What is the future for fatty alcohol?
  • Outlining the key trends driving the future alcohol market
  • Evaluating consumer concerns around silicone, sulphate and magnesium: what does this mean for fatty alcohol formulation
  • Assessing the value of LED alcohol v natural alcohol: pricing, application and usage
  • How will the price drop in crude oil drive synthetic alcohol usage?
Meezy Park, Research Economist, LMC INTERNATIONAL
Petro alcohol and other feedstocks
Results of the Surfactants Survey
Neil A Burns, Managing Partner, NEIL A BURNS LLC
MES and other emerging surfactants
  • Quantitative assessment of MES demand by geography
  • Stimulating the market: Examining viable downstream alternatives for MES
  • What are the commercial opportunities for MES in the personal care market?
Emanuele Caimi, Sales Area Manager, DESMET BALLESTRA
Rebalancing LAB’s supply and demand: Identifying opportunities for growth
  • Determining market conditions of LAB consumption throughout Asia
  • Exploring India’s renewed demand for LAB
  • Identifying new alternative downstream applications to increase consumption
  • Developments in formulating greener LAB
Sujit Kumar Sinha, GM PC Marketing, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

Conference Day 2: Wednesday 9 November

Chair’s opening remarks


Market Shift

Assessing how vertical integration is impacting the Asian surfactant supply chain
  • How has vertical integration changed the shape of the supply chain?
  • An overview of merger and acquisition activity within the region
  • Identifying the key players dominating the industr
  • Ensuring SME resilience: Creating an agile game plan to remain competitive
  • Strategies for claiming competitive advantage outside of vertical integration
Developments in bio based EO to allow 100 % bio based non-ionic surfactants
Peter Murphy, Technical Service Manager, Croda
An overview of the bio surfactant market: a passing trend or here to stay?
  • Understanding regional demand for organic based and non-palm surfactants
  • Exploring the innovations in technology driving the bio surfactants market
  • Addressing consumer readiness for sustainable products: Overcoming the price performance ratio challenge
Tiankanok Sirichayaporn, Regional Manager - Asia Pacific, NexantThinking, NEXANT
Morning refreshments and networking break
Sustainable and deforestation-free supply chains for surfactants
  • Understanding what the future holds for palm oil based surfactants: what are viable alternatives?
  • Assessing innovations in renewable based technology
  • Ensuring transparency and adherence to sustainability across the surfactant supply chain
Fadhil Hasan, Executive Director, GAPKI
Examining consumer and demand trends in CG and personal care markets
  • Essential Insight on consumer preference and demand in Asian markets: what is changing
  • Outlining key trends and movements in the personal care markets
  • Examining consumer preferences within CG Products
  • Identifying external social / societal factors influencing consumers in the mid to long term
Chair’s closing remarks and conference ends

The seminar will take place on 9 November in the afternoon. We will be addressing "Capitalising On Growing Asian Tiger Economies. 


The ICIS World Surfactants Conference agenda annually features a cutting edge speaker line-up of senior industry experts from the highest profile companies in the world. The 2016 speaker line-up will be published soon.

This conference gives in-depth knowledge on surfactant/market. Intelligent networking and future outlook of the industry.
Overall good conference with a lot of indepth information about the surfactant industry in Asia
Provided a great platform for information sharing and networking with people from different application areas.
Momentive Performance Materials
Great event, great overview, great network
Xeraya Capital Sdn Bhd
This conference provide knowledge on the development of surfactants, raw materials, technology including market price.
Excellent coverage of information related to surfactants, (LAB, Fatty Alcohols, Palm Oil, Personal Care).
Reliance Industries Ltd

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